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Pomeranian Pug Mix: Pomeranian and Pug Breed

Pug Pomeranian Mix Dog Brown
Pug Pomeranian Mix

Pug Pomeranian Mix

A recently popular designer breed that has come up into conversation when people speak about ideal puppies is the Pomeranian Pug mix. Nicknamed the Pom-a-Pug, this hybrid is an adorable looking breed, that has attracted people’s attention because of their small size and affectionate, friendly nature. As with other hybrid breeds most of the appearance of this mix cannot be exactly pinpointed, as it can vary depending on the specific animals, but one thing that you can be sure about them is that they’re always going to be adorable. They are recognized by different international associations, which is important when looking at the standards for the breed.

Pomeranian Pug Mix Facts

Weight 5 to 16 pounds
Height 8 to 13 inches
Size Small
Coat Curly and soft
Colour Black, tan, fawn, or a mix of colors.
Coat length Medium, though it can sometimes also be shorter.
Coat texture Soft
Eyes Tend to bulge a little
Ears Erect if taken from their Pomeranian side or floppy if they do their Pug side.
Temperament Intelligent, lovable, loyal, affectionate, great with children
Life expectancy 10 to 14 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly Yes
Breed recognition Yes



The Pomeranian Pug Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

If you’re deciding to adopt or buy a dog, research is your best friend. Finding out what works for you and your lifestyle is essential when it comes to learning what types of dogs there are out there, and which one is going to fit you and your family best. Information like temperament, size and possible health issues are crucial to be able to meet your ideal dog.

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Two White Pom-a-Pugs Playing

Two White Pom-a-Pugs Playing

5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Pomeranian Pug Mix

  1. Their small size: Finding the perfect dog can be difficult if you live in a place where they don’t allow large dogs or you don’t have enough space for a large breed to live comfortably. That’s where the Pomeranian Pug mix comes in. Bred from two small purebreds, their size, along with their lean built, makes them ideal for apartment living. They’re also great for travel, as they can be easily transported everywhere, similar to the Pitbull Pug Mix. More importantly it means they are incredibly cute.
  2. Low exercise requirements: Similarly, as before, the Pomeranian Pug mix is a great dog for people who don’t want or can’t have a dog with a need to exercise. Unlike some other hybrid breeds, this breed is low to medium energy, which means a small walk around the park, or even around the apartment building, will be enough to sustain them and keep them healthy. They don’t really need or like to spend a lot of time outside, so if you want a dog who will be content with just staying inside with you and cuddle, this might be the breed for you.
  3. Great family dogs: The Pomeranian Pug mix is an excellent family dog. They have a docile but excitable personality, that will be the perfect fit for children of all ages, and because of their size, it’s rather easy to have them around smaller kids without the concern of an accidental bite or nip. This breed forms a live long bond with their owners, and they will be extremely loyal and protective of those they consider family.
  4. Excellent watchdogs: Because of their size, most people wouldn’t think that the Pomeranian Pug mix would be a good watchdog. But that couldn’t be further from the truth -this breed is fantastic at alerting their owners of threats, and their bark is loud enough that it’s near impossible to miss it. They’re also intensely loyal to their owners.
  5. Calm and lovable personality: The Pomeranian Pug mix is known for their very calm and affectionate personality. They’re ideal for families; they’re very playful with children and love being around them, and they’re very patient with smaller children. They’re also great with other pets as they tend to be very easily adaptable, and they’re very social, so having them around other animals is extremely easy.
Cream and Black Haired Pomeranian and Pug Mix

Cream and Black Haired Pomeranian and Pug Mix

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Pomeranian Pug Mix

  1. Stubborn or stern: Unfortunately, the Pomeranian Pug mix has what can be called the “small dog mentality” which means they can sometimes be stubborn and even stern towards not only their owners, but other people as well. If they’re not socialized properly, they can start considering random people as threat, and might want to start attacking them or other pets. This is an issue that can be easily solved, however, by early socialization and a strong hand when it comes to their training.
  2. Harder to train: The Pomeranian Pug mix is a very playful dog. And while this is great in family settings, it’s not ideal when it comes to training. They can be very prone to distractions and training them can sometimes be more challenging than training other pure or hybrid breeds. Their size also makes them easily intimidated, which makes the training process considerably harder. These issues are easily solved by a) learning breed specific tips that allow you to train them personally b) hiring a professional trainer.
  3. They can be very loud: Smaller breeds tend to be louder than larger breeds, as an overall rule. The Pomeranian Pug mix is no exception. They tend to demand attention quite often, and do so in the form of loud barking. It can be because they want to play, are hungry or just want your attention for a good or bad reason. In all cases, their barking can be quite bothersome if a person is not used to it, and so it is likely to be necessary to train them.
  4. They’re not very active: If you’re looking for a companion dog, to go with you on walks or hikes, the Pomeranian Pug mix is not for you. Their energy levels are low to medium, and while they’re very playful, they tend to tire easily, and will not do well in high energy exercise routines.
  5. Not dogs for extreme weather: Thanks to their Pug parental line, these dogs do not do fare very well in places that are either too hot or too cold. The Pomeranian Pug mix thrives in warmer to mild weathers, and they will have a lower chance of picking up health issues if they live in these conditions.
Pomeranian and Pug Dog with Brown Coat

Pomeranian and Pug Dog with Brown Coat

Body of the Pomeranian Pug Mix

As with all mix designer breeds, the Pomeranian Pug mix can take on characteristics from one, both or neither of their parental breeds. This means that predicting what the specific puppy will look like, will depend entirely on the parents of that particular littler. However, general characteristics from the breed can be described. For one, the Pomeranian Pug mix is a small dog, with a height of 8 to 13 inches and a weight of 5 to 16 pounds. They can have a short muzzle similar to their Pug parent line, but usually not as short, which is excellent to lower their changes to have future respiratory issues.

Their coat is usually medium, curly and soft, though it can sometimes also be on the shorter side. Their colors can vary greatly and can be black, tan, fawn, or a mix of colors. Their eyes tend to bulge a little, thanks to their Pug parent (see also the Pitbull Pug, the Bulldog Pug, or the Boxer Pug) and their ears can be erect if taken from their Pomeranian side or floppy if from their Pug side.

Temperament of the Pomeranian Pug Mix

The temperament of the Pomeranian Pug mix is one of the greatest things the breed has to offer. They’re extremely intelligent and lovable dogs. They are often considered the perfect companion, as they’re loyal and friendly, but not overtly so. This breed can be excited to play with children, or happy to cuddle on the couch, and they’re very easy to manage as they don’t have overpowering personalities.

One of the biggest traits that they have is their unparallel loyalty to their owners. That makes them very good watchdogs, as they will let their family know if they feel threatened at any point. They are a very social hybrid breed too, and will get along easily with smaller children, older children and other pets (even cats!). Their intelligence makes it that their training is relatively easy, though their stubbornness can be problematic, especially to the untrained owner.

Despite of the aforementioned affectionate nature, they’re also a quite independent breed. They might love spending time with you, but they don’t have a lot of issues with staying a lot for a certain amount of time, as long as they’re used to it.


Brown Pomeranian Pug Mix Lying Down

Brown Pomeranian Pug Mix Lying Down

Feeding the Pomeranian Pug Mix

The feeding requirements of the Pomeranian Pug tend to be the same as it is for other small hybrid breeds, and they involve 1 cup of food a day, that can be administered depending on the specific dog and their owner. It’s important to consider that, even though they’re small dogs that don’t require a lot of food in quantity, they do need to meet their nutritional needs, as to avoid health complications. Most companies will have the nutritional information of their food on the package, and your veterinarian can tell you which ones work better for you dog. Remember that those requirements change depending on the weight, the breed, the age and the size of your dog, so following those guidelines is recommended.

Even though they have a low energy and exercise requirement, they do have a tendency to obesity, courtesy of their Pug parentage. Because of that, a properly structured exercise regime might be necessary for them.

Long Hair Pug and Pomeranian Mix Breed

Long Hair Pug and Pomeranian Mix Breed

Grooming the Pomeranian Pug Mix

The Pomeranian Pug mix is a rather low maintenance breed, which is great for people with busy schedules or smaller spaces. As their coats are short and smooth, they don’t need a lot brushing, only 2 or 3 times a week will do. And as they’re smaller dogs, this routine doesn’t take very long in the first place. This breed doesn’t shed much, but brushing their coat will help them avoid any skin issue and will keep them looking healthy and well maintained. Because of their Pug parentage, they might have slightly bulging eyes, and it’s very important to keep them as clean as possible to avoid any eye complication. Their ears also have to be cleaned regularly, especially if they take on the floppy ears from their Pug line.

Their bathing schedules can vary depending on where they live and the season they’re in. They can have skin allergies that may appear on different weather seasons, so taking care of their skin and coat is very important. Baths every 2 or so weeks are recommended, and the use of products that might keep them smelling good, might push that schedule to once a month. Clipping their nails is also very important, the general advice is that when the nails start making noise on the ground as they walk, it is time to clip.

Brown Pom-A-Pug Dog with Long Ears

Brown Pom-A-Pug Dog with Long Ears

Health Risks of the Pomeranian Pug Mix

There’s a consensus that mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier than purebred breeds, but that doesn’t mean that they’re exempt from possibly developing health issues that might be related with genetics.  The Pomeranian Pug mix has a few health issues that can be passed on from their parent breeds. From their Pug lineage, they might experience issues with brachycephalic airway syndrome, which creates a lot of breathing and circulation issues for them. Their Pug parent also gives them a tendency for obesity, so watching their weight is extremely important, especially as they tend to overeat, if allowed.

On the other hand, from their Pomeranian parentage, they can inherit issues like skin allergies, patellar luxation and other joint problems. Most of them, however, have to be monitored as they can be easily solvable if caught early.

Brown Haired Pomeranian Pug Mix Puppy

Brown Haired Pomeranian Pug Mix Puppy

How to Buy a Pomeranian Pug Mix?

Buying any breed of dog can sometimes be tricky, especially if they’re a hybrid dog, and you’re not sure of how authentic they are. There are a few things you need to do before purchasing a hybrid dog: First, you have to find a reputable breeder and make sure that they have all of the appropriate credentials required. Second, make sure that they conduct their business with ethical practices and the right standards, to assure that they sell you a healthy and well-kept puppy. Remember: to be able to find a healthy puppy, they have to have a healthy set of parents too. It’s important to ask for a health screening before you buy the dogs, and that will give you a sense of certainty that at least for the time being, you are purchasing a healthy dog. A good breeder will provide you with these documents without issue.

As for the price of the dogs: A Pomeranian Pug mix will have a range of prices that will go from $700 to $900. The price ranges can change depending on the location, but generally, the more reputable and good your breeder is, the more likely it is that the price will be slightly higher.

Small Pug Mixed with Pomeranian

Small Pug Mixed with Pomeranian

Pomeranian and Pug Facts

The Pomeranian

Pomeranian Characteristics: This pure breed is considered a “toy” breed, with a height rage of 8 to 11 inches and a weight of 3 to 7 pounds. This adorable breed is usually characterized by their fluffy coat, of which they have a double coat. They have a fluffy tail that curls up and they have a large ruff around their neck. This breed comes in a wide variety of colors, from black to white to tan. Even though they’re quite independent, they’re also very friendly and affectionate dogs. They also very smart and do great as watchdogs.

The Pug

Pug Characteristics: The Pug has a wrinkly face and pudgy body, that are very specific to the breed. They have an affectionate personality, and they’re very smart and playful dogs. Their height has a range of 10 to 12 inches and their weight goes from 15 to 18 pounds. They have a coat that is short and dense, and they can come in different colors from black, tan, brown, and mixes of the former. They are brachycephalic dogs, which means they can suffer from considerable amounts of respiratory issues. Also check out the Pitbull Pug, the Bulldog Pug, or the Boxer Pug.