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Pitbull Greyhound Mix: Pitbull and Greyhound Breed

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Dog
Greyhound Pitbull Mix Dog

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Dog

The Pitbull Greyhound mix is a type of hybrid breed that has been getting a lot of traction and acclaim recently because of their adorable looks and great personality. They’re brave, confident, and sensitive which makes them excellent family dogs, especially those families that are interested in a dog that will keep up with their active lifestyle. This breed is also very loyal to their family and will make wonderful watchdogs. And while their size can make them quite intimidating, the Pitbull Greyhound mix is a sweet and gentle dog that will make your life interesting and happy.


Pitbull Greyhound Mix Facts


30 to 85 pounds


16 to 30 inches


Medium to large


Short and dense


It varies, it can be red, fawn, blue, brown, black and white

Coat length


Coat texture

Dense and straight


Brown or blue




Sweet, sensible, stubborn, affectionate, and loyal

Life expectancy

12 to 16 years





Breed recognition




The Pitbull Greyhound Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

The Pitbull Greyhound mix is a hybrid breed, which means they’re a mix between a Greyhound and a Pitbull Terrier. But, what does the concept of hybrid mean? And how does it affect people who might want to own one of these breeds? Well, hybrid breeds (note) have been rising in popularity all around the world in recent years because of the advantages that they have when compared to purebred dogs. Unlike pure breeds, hybrid mixes can have a different genetic pool, which makes them more resilient and less likely to get sick. They also can inherit some good aspects of both of their parental lines, and can create an interesting and unique dog that everyone would be happy to have at home.

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Greyhound Pitbull Mix Breed

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Breed


5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Pitbull Greyhound Mix

  1. Sweet and loving breed: The Pitbull Greyhound mix is a lovely breed of dog. They’ll form very tight bonds with their loved ones and they will always want to be around the family, regardless of what they’re doing. This breed has a great temperament and even though they’re very fun and love to play, they’re also extremely gentle and kind to everyone, especially children.
  2. Always ready for action: Both the Greyhound and the Pitbull is very active breeds. That means that the Pitbull Greyhound mix will always have the energy to play around and do exciting activities. This hybrid breed is recommended for owners who love to do high energy exercises and who spend a lot of time in the outdoors. They love to chase around toys and other animals, so don’t be surprised if you ever see them trying to chase around cats or squirrels to play with them. They also love hiking and running, thanks to their Greyhound parentage.
  3. Eager to please: There’s a popular misconception that comes from the belief that the Pitbull is a somewhat aggressive dog, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Pitbull Greyhound mix may inherit the desire to always please their owners and keep them happy from their Pitbull lineage. That means you might find your hybrid trying to bring you “presents” in the form of sticks or welcoming you into your home filled with excitement to see you. They will also try to always be around you, even if you’re not doing any physical activity.
  4. Excellent family dogs: Even though they can be medium to large dogs, the Pitbull Greyhound mix are excellent family dogs. Unlike other hybrid breeds of similar size (note), they’re very gentle with children regardless of their age and they can be trusted not to be aggressive with them, not even accidentally. This breed is extremely protective of their family unit and they can be trusted to protect their families at all costs. 
  5. They’re great watchdogs: Because of their protective instincts, the Pitbull Greyhound mix is considered to be one of the best watchdogs out there. This breed will form such a strong bond with their owners that they will be willing to lay down their lives if it means protecting them. And while they might be wary of new people at first, this breed won’t attack strangers unless they feel like they absolutely need to.
Greyhound Pitbull Mix Facts

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Facts

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Pitbull Greyhound Mix

  1. Separation anxiety: The Pitbull Greyhound mix tends to get very attached to their family. This can mean that they do not do very well when left alone for long periods of time. They will try to be around their owners at all times and may feel lonely even if the family is in another room of the house. This behavior can be easily prevented if the dog has early training and they get used to spending some time alone without developing wrongful behaviors. It might require some trial and error to figure out how long can your hybrid actually spend alone without having any stress-induced reactions.
  2. Extra training: Similarly to other hybrid breeds (note), the Pitbull Greyhound mix has been known for inheriting the intelligence of both of their parents. And while this means that they’ll be better at understanding and listening to commands, it also means that they might have a higher chance to be stubborn and decide they don’t want to listen at all. For situations like this, it’s important to be strong-willed and disciplined with your dog. It’s also important to remember that positive reinforcement is the best way to get your dog to listen and learn, especially since their Greyhound lineage is more responsive to this type of training. 
  3. They can be overexcited: As mentioned before, the Pitbull Greyhound mix is a very active dog. This, along with the attachment that they feel towards their owners, can mean that they sometimes get overexcited when they see or hear them. This means that they might jump on you when you’re arriving at home or playing with them and that they might be loud with their expressions of excitement. And while this isn’t exactly a bad thing, it can be a somewhat bothersome issue if it’s presented often. It can also be an issue due to their strength as they could hurt someone accidentally.
  4. They require more socialization: If your Pitbull Greyhound mix is not properly socialized sometimes the protective instincts that have been inherited from both of their parental lines can present themselves as aggression towards other animals or even people. This isn’t common and it can be easily fixed, but it’s important to remember that if your hybrid is going to be around other animals and strange people, the best thing for them is to have a proper early socialization.
  5. They can be overly sensitive: This trait might be a double-edged sword. The Pitbull Greyhound mix is a very sweet dog and as such can sometimes be overly sensitive when it comes to being alone or if they’re being reprehended for something they did badly. This can lead them to be stressed or even develop wrongful behaviors, which is why it’s important to train them properly from early life to get accustomed to certain situations that might take them out of their comfort zone. 

Body of the Pitbull Greyhound Mix

Like so many other hybrid breeds (note) the appearance of the Pitbull Greyhound mix can vary greatly depending on the specific litter. This variation can be generated because even though we can have a general sense of the appearance of this breed, the specifics can change between litters and your dog might look more like a Pitbull, more like a Greyhound, or like a perfect mix of the two.

Overall, the Pitbull Greyhound mix tends to be quite a large breed of dog. Their height can go from 16 to 30 inches and their weight can be in a range between 30 to 85 pounds. The reason why their weight range can vary so much it’s because they can inherit the Pitbull’s build and be a little stockier, or they can be more like their Greyhound parents and be leaner.

On the other hand, their coat tends to be quite easy to predict as the hair of both parental lines is rather similar. The Pitbull Greyhound mix usually has short, straight, and dense hair and they can come in a variety of colors like red, fawn, blue, brown, black, and white. Their muzzle tends to be shorter than the Greyhound’s but usually a little bit longer than the Pitbull’s. Both breeds have floppy ears so it’s almost guaranteed that your hybrid will inherit those too. Their eyes are usually big and expressive and they can come in both brown and blue.

Temperament of the Pitbull Greyhound Mix

The Pitbull Greyhound mix has the perfect temperament for a family dog. Regardless of their size and unlike other hybrid breeds (note), they’re very gentle and sweet dogs. They love to spend time with their owners and will do anything to be around them at all times. From their Pitbull lineage, they might inherit their over-eagerness and excitement to be around people, so it’s important to train them to be controlled when meeting strangers.

Both the Greyhound and the Pitbull are known to have a stubborn streak, so it’s key to start their training early to make sure that they don’t adopt bad behaviors from an early age. The Greyhound is a breed that tends to be very sensible and therefore only responds to training that involves positive reinforcement, and the Pitbull Greyhound mix might inherit that preference as well.

The Pitbull Greyhound mix is great around children because even though they have the excitement of the Pitbull, they’ll also have the patience of the Greyhound and will play calmly, without overdoing it and without possibly hurting the kids. Because of the attachment that this breed has they might also develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time, so they are not recommended for families who travel or work extensive hours.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Information

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Information

Feeding the Pitbull Greyhound Mix

The nutritional needs of the Pitbull Greyhound mix are not different from any other hybrid breed. They require good quality food and a balanced diet and because they’re larger dogs, a larger amount per day. What’s usually recommended is 3 cups a day, that can be separated throughout depending on the exercise routines that your dog has. Because of their size, they might require supplementing their diet with additional food, minerals, and vitamins. Since the Greyhound is a hunting breed, they might enjoy lean meats or broths along with their dry food, which can be used to provide them a more balanced diet.

Since the Pitbull Greyhound mix is a rather energetic breed it’s also necessary that they have meals with high levels of protein. Most commercial foods will have their nutritional balances available and it’s wise to consult with a veterinary professional to make sure that the food that you’re providing your dog is the ideal one.


Grooming the Pitbull Greyhound Mix

Thanks to their short and wiry coat, the grooming of the Pitbull Greyhound mix is relatively easy. They only need an occasional brush through their coat to remove dead cells and their shedding is minimal. When it comes to their baths, it’s recommended to not give them too many of them (unless they get dirty), because it might affect their skin and cause their hair to fall more than usual. Regular teeth and ears cleaning are necessary to avoid any possible oral issue or ear infection and their nails should be clipped only if necessary.


Health Risks of the Pitbull Greyhound Mix

Because of their hybrid nature, the Pitbull Greyhound mix is usually healthier than their pure counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t possibly inherit some of the health concerns that might affect their parental lineage and that you must have this in mind if you want to welcome this breed into your home.

Health concerns for the Pitbull Greyhound mix can be divided into two categories: Mayor Concerns and Possible Diseases. The first one involves two critical health situations that are likely to affect this breed if you don’t take the appropriate precautions to avoid them: they’re the Gastric Torsion and Hip Dysplasia. A Gastric Torsion is a complicated medical issue that affects usually large dogs and that involves their stomach flipping inside of their abdominal cavity, usually presented after the dog has exercised immediately after eating. This condition requires immediate veterinary attention and surgery. It’s entirely unpredictable and has to be prevented by stopping your dog from exercising immediately after eating, however, it can present itself anyway. On the other hand, Hip Dysplasia is a common illness of larger dogs and has to be corrected surgically.

When it comes to the Possible Diseases that the Pitbull Greyhound mix might develop the most common ones are Hypo or Hyperthyroidism, both of which are endocrine diseases that can affect the normal functions of your dog’s organism and that require veterinary monitoring.

How to Buy a Pitbull Greyhound Mix?

The first thing you have to have in mind when purchasing a Pitbull Greyhound mix is that the breeder you choose has to be very reputable. Make sure that they have all the documentation necessary and that they bring you the genetic information of the puppy before you buy it. Knowing that the price of this breed can vary greatly depending on the purity of the animal and the certifications that come with it. The normal range in price can go from $500 to $1200.

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Dog Breed

Greyhound Pitbull Mix Dog Breed


Pitbull and Greyhound Facts

The Pitbull

Pitbull Characteristics: The Pitbull is a breed of dog that has had a lot of misconceptions in the public. Usually known to be aggressive, this breed is actually extremely sweet, adventurous, and charming. They get attached to their family and can be very good watchdogs, but are usually very friendly to strangers and other animals if they’re socialized early. They have a stocky and strong appearance and they have a height range of 17 to 19 inches. Their weight goes from 55 to 70 pounds. Their coat is short and soft with a variation of colors, and their eyes are usually small and can be brown, green, or blue. Their ears are usually floppy, but a lot of people tend to cut them off.

The Greyhound

Greyhound Characteristics: The Greyhound is known for its speed. They have a lean and muscular body and their coat is short and smooth, which comes in many different colors including white, fawn, red and black. They have a height range of 26 to 30 inches. Their weight goes from 60 to 70 pounds. Their personality is quite the opposite of their appearance, as they’re very gentle and lowkey. They have a high energy burning requirement and need a lot of exercises, but they are never overly excited or aggressive and can spend a lot of time just resting. They have a hunting mentality and can be seen chasing small animals around. They are ideal family pets as they are very patient with children and other pets.