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Newfoundland Poodle Mix: Newfoundland and Poodle Breed

One of these newly famous designer breeds that have been making waves because of their amazing qualities is the Newfoundland Poodle mix. This mixed breed is friendly and intelligent, with a personality that makes them ideal for families that are looking for a good-natured and charming dog. They’re a medium-sized dog that will make your life interesting and happy with their easy trainability and mild energy.

Newfoundland Poodle Mix Facts

Weight 70 to 150 pounds
Height 22 to 33 inches
Size Large
Coat Thick, single-layered coat
Colour Gray, silver, black, white, brown, cream
Coat length Long
Coat texture Thick, wavy, or curly, it can be water-repellent
Eyes Brown, hazel
Ears Long and floppy
Temperament Sweet, intelligent, an excellent watchdog, loyal, affectionate, great for families
Life expectancy 8 to 12 years
Hypoallergenic Sometimes, if they inherit their Poodle parent coat
Kid-friendly Yes
Breed recognition Yes



The Newfoundland Poodle Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

The debate around hybrid mixed or “designer” dogs has been around for a considerable amount of time. A lot of people have negative opinions about mixed dogs because they believe that they’re not real breeds since they aren’t fully pure. However, a lot of other people believe in the benefits of these types of mixes. The AKC (American Kennel Organization) recognizes over 500+ hybrid breeds, which are considered “official” by most dog enthusiasts, who look at this organization for guidance for breed standards.

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5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Newfoundland Poodle Mix

    1. Excellent family dogs: The Newfoundland Poodle mix is a wonderful dog for people with big families, especially if they have children. This breed, thanks to their Newfoundland parental line, is a lovely dog that enjoys the company of kids of all ages. They enjoy the attention and they’re very calm and patient, even with younger kids. They’re considered “gentle giants” because their personality allows them to be around families, despite their medium to large size.
    2. They can be good watchdogs: Even though the Newfoundland Poodle mix isn’t aggressive at all, they’re an extremely clever and alert dog. This makes them very good at looking after the home since they can recognize possible threats very easily. While they might not defend the household per se, the fact that they’re very attached to their owners will assure that they’ll try to warn them as effectively as they can.
    3. Calm personality: Unlike most hybrid breeds of their size, the Newfoundland Poodle mix is an extremely relaxed and easy-going breed. This means they’ll be great for new owners as they aren’t as demanding as other breeds and will get used to a very calm lifestyle. Not only are they not usually bothered by a lot, but they’re also very patient, which makes them excellent for smaller children or other, more hyper pets.
    4. Smart and easy to train: As mentioned before, the Newfoundland Poodle mix is a great pet for new owners because they’re not only very clever but their learning process is considerably low compared to other hybrid breeds. Both the Poodle and the Newfoundland are purebreds known for their ability to learn quickly and being very easy to train. The Poodle can sometimes be mischievous and stubborn, but fortunately, this is a trait that has been lowered thanks to their Newfoundland genes, generally known for being very even-tempered.
    5. Gentle with children and other pets: Even though this has been mentioned above, it’s important to emphasize how great this breed is with other animals and kids. The personality of the Newfoundland Poodle mix is perfect for big families that include other dogs or cats because they don’t get angry easily and they love to be around others. Even though they can be energetic and fun, they also manage their strength very well, if trained properly. This means you won’t have to worry about accidental nips or scratches.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Newfoundland Poodle Mix

    1. Not ideal for small spaces: The Newfoundland Poodle mix is a medium to large dog, which means they won’t be comfortable in small apartments. Even though they’re not as energetic as other hybrid breeds, they still need a large amount of space to be able to feel comfortable and since they prefer to chase and dig to spend their energy, a house with a big yard is highly recommended for them. Their exercise requirements aren’t as high as other hybrid breeds, but they should still get enough to maintain their health. 
    2. They can have accumulated energy: This trait is a double-edged sword. This breed has medium to high energy levels, so while they don’t be overly excited about things, they still have a lot of requirements when it comes to their energy spending, which means they might need you to play with them and to walk them more than usual at certain times. While this isn’t an everyday situation, it can happen in inopportune moments, so early training for this breed is essential to avoid possible bad behavior.
    3. High attention needs: The Newfoundland Poodle mix isn’t a breed that necessarily needs to constantly be doing activities for them to be happy, however, they do require constant attention for them to avoid depressive or stress episodes. This hybrid breed might require their owners to spend time with them and they might develop poor behaviors if they feel alone constantly. Spending time with this hybrid is essential for their good behavior, so they’re better suited for families who tend to spend more time at home. 
    4. They need early socialization: The Newfoundland is a hunting breed and this means they like to chase around small animals. Unfortunately, the Newfoundland Poodle mix might inherit this trait as well. They don’t necessarily mean to harm the smaller animal, but this behavior shouldn’t be encouraged. Early training will ensure that they accommodate to living around smaller animals and learning that chasing should be reserved for playtime.
    5. High grooming needs: The Newfoundland Poodle mix is a gorgeous breed of dog, however, if they inherit their coat from the former, then their grooming needs might be higher than expected. While this isn’t a deal-breaker for a lot of people, it does mean that they require a lot more work making sure that their coats remain healthy and tangle-free.

Body of the Newfoundland Poodle Mix

  • One of the biggest fuels for the debate between pro and anti designer breeds is the fact that it can be very tricky to identify what your hybrid puppy is going to look like. The consensus has been that while it’s possible to predict the possible outcome of the appearance of a hybrid dog, it can never be 100% accurate. Their looks will be based on the particular parents, the purebred characteristics, and their lineage (as some traits might be recessive and present themselves afterward). 
  • In the case of the Newfoundland Poodle mix, like with any other hybrid breed, there’s a 50% chance that they might inherit traits from either of their parental lines.
  • Overall, this mix can have a height average between 22 to 33 inches and a weight average that can be a lot bigger, going from 70 to 150 pounds.
  • Their general appearance has a lot to do with particular individuals, but usually, this breed has a long muzzle that resembles both of their purebred parents and long, floppy ears.
  • They have big and muscular bodies and their tails can vary between medium and long in length. 
  • The coat of the Newfoundland Poodle mix has the biggest variation of all. They can come in a wide variety of colors including gray, silver, black, brown, blue, white, and cream. And the texture is usually thick, though it can go from wavy to very curly. A particular characteristic that this hybrid breed might have is that their coat can be water-repellent.

Temperament of the Newfoundland Poodle Mix

The personality of the Newfoundland Poodle mix is one of the reasons why they’re considered extremely popular with families all around the world. This hybrid breed is known as the “gentle giant” because of its sweet nature and friendly, even-tempered demeanor. They’re considered excellent companion dogs because even though they’re not as energetic as other hybrid breeds, they have an extremely good-natured and loveable personality. This mix is a good pet for elderly people, families with children, and even people who have never owned any other pets before because they’re very easy to train even at an early age.

Even though the Newfoundland is a hunting breed that might pass on the trait of chasing around smaller animals to this hybrid, they are also very sociable dogs that will adapt easily to other pets. Early socialization is key for them to have a good transition process to living at home and they require big spaces to be able to run around when the mood strikes them. They don’t like being alone under any circumstance. While they don’t necessarily need to be doing any particular activity with their owners, they do need to be around them at all times.

The Newfoundland Poodle mix is also a great watchdog. Their impressive stature, protective instincts, and attachment to their owners make sure that they always watch over the household. They’re not aggressive, though, so even though they’re big enough to do a lot of damage, don’t expect them to go after intruders.

Feeding the Newfoundland Poodle Mix

The nutritional needs of the Newfoundland Poodle mix vary greatly depending on the amount of exercise they make and the type of lifestyle they lead. As a general rule, and thanks to their size, this hybrid won’t eat any less than 4 cups of food a day, which can increase if they make a lot of exercise throughout the day. Their food should always be spread out between 3 meals during the day, as it’s better for their digestion.

Making sure that this mix has enough nutrients is essential for their overall health. Protein and vitamins must be included in their diet, either on their food or as supplements. And extra additives like fish oil might also be beneficial, especially for their coat. Consulting a veterinary professional to establish an appropriate feeding process for your Newfoundland Poodle mix might be ideal.

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Grooming the Newfoundland Poodle Mix

The grooming needs of the Newfoundland Poodle mix are a lot higher than most. Since their coat tends to be long, thick, and usually curly, they need daily brushing. Tangles are the worst enemy of this hybrid’s hair since it can really hurt them as they’re playing or scratching. They also have a sensitive scalp that can be prone to dandruff, so caring for their skin and coat is extremely important for their care. They require baths every month or so, and even though their shedding is minimal, they can have a lot of looser hair if they’re not cared for properly.

Their nails are usually filed down naturally with exercise, but they will need to be filed down occasionally especially in the winter months. They need teeth and ear cleanings regularly to avoid possible infections, as they can be prone to them.

Health Risks of the Newfoundland Poodle Mix

  • Health complications for any hybrid breed can be difficult to predict. It’s hard to identify what kind of disease can a dog present unless there’s a full genetic workout of the breed, which can be hard to obtain. The easiest way to identify the possible illnesses that a specific breed might have is to look at the parental lines. While this isn’t a 100% accurate method, it can help the owners know what to look for and try to prevent. 
  • In the case of the Newfoundland Poodle mix, they are prone to diseases that affect a lot of bigger dogs, like Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and Patellar Luxation. These are issues that might be hard to prevent or anticipate, but that, fortunately, is relatively easy to fix.
    • This hybrid can also be affected by eye issues, which is a very characteristic problem inherited from the Poodle. Affections like cataracts, glaucoma, and cherry eye might affect them when they’re older and they might need help to improve their quality of life.
    • A serious issue that also affects them is a heart condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy. This affection is very serious and can be worsened by a bad diet and low amounts of exercise, so prevention is key.
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How to Buy a Newfoundland Poodle Mix

Identifying how to properly buy a Newfoundland Poodle mix is one of the hardest things about this breed. Generally, hybrid dogs can be 25 to 50% more expensive than purebreds and this by itself makes them harder to find. This hybrid in particular can be $1000 to $1500 on average, with variations depending on location and season. A very important thing to remember is that your breeder must have all the proper documentation and regulations to be a certified dog breeder. A lot of breeders have certificates of authenticity, which might also be helpful with purchasing a real Newfoundland Poodle mix. The well-being of the animals should always be the most important thing and you as a buyer should help assure that they have only the best living conditions.

Newfoundland Poodle Mix Facts

The Newfoundland

This breed, found initially in Canada, has been known for its sweet and attentive personality. This adorable giant has been compared with Saint Bernard as they both share a big size and a big heart. They are a charming and intelligent dog, that has a great attachment to their owners and will try to protect them at all cost. Initially used as fishing helpers, this breed now has a great reputation as a companion dog. Their large size makes them excellent watchdogs but their calm disposition makes them wonderful dogs for families with children. The height of the Newfoundland goes from 26 to 28 inches and their weight is usually between 100 to 150 pounds. They have a heave coat that allows them to live in colder weather, and they can come in a variety of colors like black, brown, gray, white, or a combination of them.

The Poodle

The Poodle is known for its intelligence and sweet personality. They’re lively and very active dogs, and they’re great family friends as they love spending time with people. They’re very easily trained and their socialization process is very easy. This breed of dog can develop some bad behaviors if they feel alone or if they don’t get enough stimulation from their humans. Physically, Poodles come in three sizes: Standard (taller than 15 inches and 50 to 70 pounds in weight), the miniature (around 10 inches in height and 12 to 20 pounds in weight), and the toy (less than 10 inches in height and around 7 pounds in weight). All varieties of the Poodle have a long appearance with a long muzzle and long, dropped ears. Their coat tends to be curly and dense. They can come in several colors like black, white, tan, reds and a mix of all of them.

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