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Lab Pointer Mix: Labrador and Pointer Breed

Lab Pointer Mix Dog
Lab Pointer Mix Facts

Lab Pointer Mix Facts

The Lab Pointer mix is a hybrid breed that has been made by the combination of the Labrador Retriever and the Pointer breed. They’re good-mannered dogs, known for their intelligence and active disposition. Ideal for active families, they’re wonderful with children because of their patience and gentle demeanor. Because of their sweet nature and love to play and being active, they are the perfect companion. If you think that the Lab Pointer mix is perfect for you, then you might need to learn some extra information about the breed.

Lab Pointer Mix Facts


50 and 85 pounds


23 to 28 inches




Straight or wavy


It varies from white, brown, black and yellow

Coat length

Short or medium

Coat texture



Almond-shaped, in colors black, brown, or honey




Intelligent, gentle, Good family dogs, charming, active and energetic

Life expectancy

10 to 15 years





Breed recognition




The Lab Pointer Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

 The appeal of the hybrid breeds has been growing considerably in the last few years. From their adorable appearance to the lower possibility to develop genetic diseases, they have many advantages that pure breeds do not have.

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Lab Pointer Mix Black

Lab Pointer Mix Black


5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Lab Pointer Mix

  1. They’re very social dogs: Thanks to their Labrador Retriever, the Lab Pointer mix is a perfectly socialized dog. They love meeting new people and they have fun with every new person in their life. Even though they make lifelong bonds with their family, it’s easy for them to get along with other people. Leaving your dog is really difficult if you don’t know if they’re going to be comfortable with someone who is not you, but that’s not an issue with this hybrid. Unlike other breeds (note) they can stay around different people if their family is not available.
  2. Sweet and Loyal: Both the Labrador and the Pointer are extremely loyal breeds, but they also have delightful personalities. They love their family deeply and they like being around them at all times. They love spending time with people around them and will always want to be a part of all of the activities where their humans are.
  3. Ideal for active families: The Lab Pointer is an extremely active dog. They like their walks long and their playtime stimulating. They need the constant activity to be happy and they will get stressed if they don’t have an active life. This breed requires a large space to live and won’t be very excited to be locked in at home. It would be ideal for them to have a dog park or beach near so that they can run freely without a leash.
  4. Easy to train: This breed is very smart and therefore their training should be easier than other breeds. Even though the Pointer tends to have a stubborn streak, the Labrador is a rather agreeable breed and the Lab Pointer mix has inherited the charming personality of the latter. Training them doesn’t take a lot of time and with some effort, they’ll have a perfectly adequate behavior.
  5. Independent but affectionate: This breed has a high attachment to their family and those around them. They don’t like to be alone but they don’t necessarily need to be around their family to be happy. Since they’re very social, they’re perfectly fine with spending time with people who are not their family.
Lab Pointer Mix Breed

Lab Pointer Mix Breed

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Lab Pointer Mix

  1. They’re not suited to be guard dogs: The Lab Pointer mix is not the best guard dogs out there. Even though they’re a smart and clever dog, they are highly friendly animals that will have a hard time differentiating between good people and those who might present a threat to their loved ones.
  2. High hunting drive: Thanks to their Pointer breed lineage, this hybrid has a higher prey drive. This means that they don’t necessarily get along with smaller animals like cats or rabbits and they will try to chase them around the house or the park. It’s required for them to have more control if they’re going to be around other animals and especially, they’re going to need to be socialized from an early age to avoid hurting any smaller creatures.
  3. They require large spaces: Since they are a very active breed, they usually need a larger space to be able to be more comfortable. If they don’t have a place where to run around and play, they might start feeling stressed or anxious and developing wrong behaviors like biting furniture or shoes. Unlike other hybrid breeds (note) the Lab Pointer mix doesn’t adjust easily to smaller spaces even when having exercise routines.
  4. They don’t like to be alone: The Lab Pointer mix loves spending time with people. Not only their families but people in general. They’re extremely social and won’t take on to being alone for long periods of time. Since they’re adaptable to spending time with people other than family, they’ll be alright if left in a daycare or with a caretaker as long as they don’t have to spend long periods of time without anyone around.
  5. Require high energy: This breed is not the best for families who cannot spend a lot of time exercising with them. However, they adapt quite easily to spending time with other people as well. They have a bond with the people in their families, especially children, so they might have some depressive episodes if they cannot spend too much time with them.

Body of the Lab Pointer Mix

One of the most prominent characteristics that all hybrid breeds (note) have is their unpredictability. Regardless of the type of mix, the variation of the appearance of the hybrids can differ depending on each litter. Generally, the body of the Lab Pointer mix can change completely depending on their parental lines, but some characteristics can be foreshadowed. Remember than characteristics can change based on age, gender, and purity of the parental lines.

The Lab Pointer mix usually has a range of weight between 50 and 85 pounds when fully grown and their height can be between 23 to 28 inches. When it comes to their general appearance, the variations of their coat can be based on texture and color. The Lab Pointer mix can come in different colors like white, brown, black, and yellow. Their texture can change as well, going from short and straight if they favor their Labrador lineage to short and wavy if they follow their Pointer parents. This characteristic will define how much your dog is going to shed as well. If they lean into their Labrador lineage this mix will also be wider and more prone to obesity than if they look more like their Pointer line. Their eyes are usually almond-shaped and the color can be black, brown, or honey. The ears are floppy in both of their parents, so the hybrid will have them as well.

Temperament of the Lab Pointer Mix

When people think about a family dog, they usually have in mind something like the Lab Pointer mix. This breed has a fantastic personality that adjusts perfectly to families. They’re very an active breed of dogs so they’ll be perfect for people who love to be outside and exercise, but they’re also very gentle and caring which makes them perfect for people with children.

Like most other hybrid breeds (note), the Lab Pointer mix is a highly loyal breed that will form a connection with their family and those around them. Because of their Pointer heritage, this breed tends to be more independent than your regular Labrador and that makes them a little bit more resilient to being alone. However, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to separation anxiety and they won’t like to be lonely for more than a few hours a day. They are a very easily adaptable breed which means that they don’t have any issues adapting to different people, even those who are not a part of their family circle.

Since they have half of a hunting breed, it’s quite likely that their hunting instincts are higher than those of an average Lab puppy. They might want to chase around other animals around the playground or the house, and they must be socialized early to avoid any possible injuries to other animals, especially cats, rabbits, and squirrels. This hybrid is not aggressive at all and will try to be friendly with everyone they meet, so they might not be the ideal watchdogs.

Lab Pointer Mix Black and White

Lab Pointer Mix Black and White

Feeding the Lab Pointer Mix

The feeding requirements of the Lab Pointer mix tend to be similar to those of other hybrid breeds (note) of the same characteristics.  This breed requires 2 to 2.5 cups of food a day, which will be depending on the exercise levels that the dog has and their schedule. It’s important to consider that, because this breed is half Labrador, they might experience some of the food anxiety that is common in that breed and that they might try to overeat. Since they’re prone to obesity, free eating is not recommended for them as can affect their health in the short and long term. Most commercial houses will have the nutritional information of their food on the package or their website, and your veterinary professional will be able to tell you which ones work better for your dog within your price range.


Grooming the Lab Pointer Mix

You have to consider the grooming needs of a Lab Pointer mix puppy if you desire to welcome one into your home. This hybrid breed has relatively low-maintenance when compared with its parental lines. Since the Labrador sheds more than the Pointer, it is safe to say that their hybrid will fall somewhat in the middle of the two with a mild amount of shedding done throughout the year. It is better to brush your dog’s coat once or twice a week to avoid excessive loss of hair as well a promoting healthy growth.   

Their bathing needs can vary depending on where they do their physical activities. It’s recommended not to bathe the Lab Pointer mix more than once a month because it can affect their skin and cause excessive debris, so it might be relevant to keep them getting too dirty during playtime and avoid extra baths. 

When it comes to their ear and teeth cleaning, this breed requires regular cleaning for both since their Labrador and the Pointer both tend to develop ear infections that can be dangerous and periodontal diseases that can be very painful and that might lower the quality of life of your dog. Nailcare will depend on the specific dog because their activity might cause them to file them down naturally. If this doesn’t occur, regular clippings might be necessary as well.


Health Risks of the Lab Pointer Mix

Hybrid dogs are known to be healthier than their pure counterparts. Even though there’s a chance that they might present some issues relating to their parental lines, most hybrid dogs have a lower chance of getting serious health concerns because of something called “hybrid vigor”. This concept entails that because they’re a mix of two breeds, it’s quite likely that the hybrid can present the strengths, rather than the weaknesses of their parents. However, even hybrid dogs have a possibility to develop genetic diseases and the Lab Pointer mix is no exception to this rule.

The biggest concern that this hybrid has comes in the form of bones and joints issues and Gastric Torsion. The first one, which can be presented in the form of hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia, generates high amounts of pain in the dog and can only be fixed with surgery. While it’s impossible to completely prevent the development of this disease, some professionals have said that good diet and exercise are your best chance at lowering the odds of your dog presenting them.

The second affection is both more complicated and easier to prevent. A Gastric Torsion is a disease caused by the torsion of the stomach and the bowel, usually because of a high energy exercise that has been done immediately after the dog has finished eating. This disorder is dangerous because it requires urgent medical attention and surgery, and it can permanently affect the health of your dog. The prevention is quite easy though: Never let your dog exercise right after eating, especially if it involves an exercise where they will be tumbling down and rolling on their back.

Lab Pointer Mix Dog

How to Buy a Lab Pointer Mix?

The most critical thing to have in mind when you’re buying any type of dog is to find a reputable breeder. Making sure that the breeder is keeping their animals in the best of conditions will be one of the principal ways in which you’ll be able to ensure that your dog will be healthy and long-lasting. Not only because of the parental history that the breeder can provide, which can include health issues and life expectancy but because the early weeks after birth are the most important ones in any dog’s life. When it comes to their price, the range of the Lab Pointer mix is usually put between $300 and $600 depending on the breeder and their location.

Lab Pointer Mix Dog Breed

Lab Pointer Mix Dog Breed


Labrador and Pointer Facts

The Pointer

Pointer Characteristics: This breed is medium-sized and they have a height range of 22 to 28 inches and a weight of 45 to 75 pounds. This breed is more independent than most breed, and they love to spend high amounts of time making exercise. They’re usually extremely active and stubborn, so their training might be difficult. They’re not necessarily good with children if they’re not socialized from an early age, but they are very good with other pets. Their muzzle is a little bit squared and usually long. Their ears are very characteristic as they hang on their head. Pointers have a coat that is short and smooth. And they can come in specific colors like black, tan and white. The texture of their coat is usually smooth and straight.

The Labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever Characteristics: This breed of dog is largely recognized as one of the sweetest, most beautiful breeds out there. They are gentle, loving, and charming as long as they have a big space to run around. They’re very loyal to their family and they love to play in ways that stimulate their mind. They are very adventurous and love to spend time outside. Their height has a maximum of 24 inches and their weight goes from 55 to 85 pounds. They have a double coat that is thick and soft, and they come in a variation of colors that can be yellow, black, chocolate, or white.