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Husky Dalmatian Mix: Husky and Dalmatian Breed

Dalmatian Husky Mix Dog
Dalmatian Husky Mix Dog

Dalmatian Husky Mix Dog


The Husky Dalmatian mix is a breed of dog obtained by the combination of the Husky and the Dalmatian. These medium-sized dog breeds create a hybrid that can be protective and talkative like their parental lines, while also being affectionate and playful. The ideal dog for active families, this mixed breed is usually known by the combination of colors that they inherit and their protective instincts. Before deciding whether this breed is the perfect one for you though, it’s important to learn more information about them.

Husky Dalmatian Mix Facts


35 to 70 pounds


16 to 24 inches




Slightly dense


Black and white

Coat length


Coat texture

Straight and soft


Brown or blue




Loyal, stubborn, intelligent, energetic, and active

Life expectancy

12 to 15 years





Breed recognition



The Husky Dalmatian Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

Deciding to welcome a dog into your home is a very important choice. And it can be really hard to know where to start. Looking for a small dog? A large dog? A dog with long hair or short hair? Those are the general questions that most people ask when researching for options. But there’s a lot more that goes into making that decision that you have to consider before taking such a crucial, life-changing choice.

A very interesting option that has come up recently are designer dogs. They are breeds that are made from a combination of two pure breeds, that at the end will have characteristics of both original lines. And a great example of a fantastic designer dog that has been captivating people is the Husky Dalmatian mix.

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Dalmatian Husky Mix

Dalmatian Husky Mix

5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Husky Dalmatian Mix

  1. Adorable and unique looking: One of the most appealing characteristics that hybrid breeds have is that they always have distinctive looks. Since they can take the appearance of one or both of their parents, they can have a very interesting mix of coat colors, textures, and features. The Husky Dalmatian mix has an even bigger advantage since both of their parental lines have very  easily identifiable looks. They can inherit the colors from the Husky and have a long coat, while also having the spots that are so often related to the Dalmatian. Both parental lineages are very beautiful and whichever the outcome of the Husky Dalmatian mix has, you can be assured that they’re going to be gorgeous as well.
  2. They’re affectionate and friendly: Huskies are known for being pack animals and Dalmatians are known for being stable, enduring, and charming, so it’s no surprise that the Husky Dalmatian mix is a breed that has affectionate and friendly as their prime personality traits. This hybrid breed will love to be around their family at all times, and they’ll try to please you and make you as happy as they can.
  3. The perfect family dog: The Husky Dalmatian mix is a very active breed, thanks to both of their parental lines. They are outgoing and love to be the center of attention, so they’re great for families with children who like to play and being active. They’re extremely energetic and love to run around, so they’ll have to be constantly occupied.
  4. Excellent watchdogs: This personality trait can be attributed to both parental lines though it’s more apparent in their Dalmatian lineage. The Husky Dalmatian mix is a very loyal dog and they form lifelong bonds with their owners, which means they’re willing to defend them whatever it takes. As mentioned before, they’re also very eager to please so they’ll try their hardest to make sure that their family is protected and happy at all times.
  5. Perfect for the outdoors: The Husky Dalmatian mix is a breed that will have a lot of energy all the time. They’re very happy dogs that love spending time outside. Unlike other hybrid mixes (note), it’s always ideal for them to have something to do because otherwise they’re going to get easily stressed. Like their Husky parent, this hybrid might cause havoc if left unsupervised, so a thorough exercise and playtime routine might have to be implemented with them.  
Dalmatian Husky Mix Facts

Dalmatian Husky Mix Facts

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Husky Dalmatian Mix

  1. Wary around strangers and other animals: The Dalmatian and the Husky are both very protective breeds, so it’s quite likely that the Husky Dalmatian mix is going to inherit these traits as well. And while this is a good thing for most families, it can be difficult for this mixed breed to get accustomed to meeting new people. as they usually see them as threats. It can also make them uncomfortable around other animals and make for a hard adjustment process if the family has other pets around the household. This issue can be resolved with a lot of early socialization and proper training, but it’s important to remember that even if you take additional steps to make sure that they feel safe around strangers, the Husky Dalmatian mix might never get fully comfortable around people they aren’t familiar with.
  2. Stubborn streak: Huskies are very stubborn dogs and that’s mostly because of their pack animal nature. This means that they will try to assert their dominance and be the “alpha of the pack” if they don’t find a good authoritative figure to follow. The Husky Dalmatian mix might inherit some of that stubbornness which will make their training and living conditions very hard. On the other hand, Dalmatians tend to be calm and reliable, so the outcome of this personality trait will depend on each particular dog. If your dog leans more into their Husky lineage, early and strict training will most likely be necessary, as well as a lot of discipline.
  3. Difficult trainability: This relates to what was mentioned before. Since they can be very stubborn, they might not take to their training as easily as other hybrid breeds (note). This doesn’t mean that they won’t learn or that they might take on bad behaviors immediately, it just means that they might require a higher effort, more patience, and more time to be certain that they listen to their owners, so that they have a lower chance to develop undesired conducts. The most important thing about training a Husky Dalmatian mix is to make sure that they know who their alpha is, that they listen to them completely and that they get used to other people and animals without feeling an immediate threat.
  4. Require large spaces: Since they’re medium to large dogs with high energy requirements, the Husky Dalmatian mix requires a large space to be able to live comfortably. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to live happily in a smaller space, it just means that they’ll have a lower chance to develop stress disorders if they have a place big enough to channel all of their energy by running around, chasing things or playing.
  5. Excellent escapists: Mainly because of their Husky lineage, the Husky Dalmatian mix is excellent at finding escape routes and getting out of boundaries and fences, and it can be hard to keep them indoors. You’ve probably seen videos online of Huskies escaping various situations, so constant vigilance is important when it comes to voiding damages. It can also be tiring when it comes to leash training since they will try to go on their own if they weren’t trained properly.

Body of the Husky Dalmatian Mix

One of the most appealing factors that hybrid mixes (note) have is that their appearance can vary greatly from their parental breeds as they can take on characteristics from one, both, or either of their parental lines. Because of the size of their parental lines, the Husky Dalmatian mix has a high chance to be a large-sized dog. This means that their range height can go from 16 to 24 inches and their weight can go from 35 to 70 pounds approximately.

When it comes to their general appearance, one of the most notorious characteristics that the Husky Dalmatian mix has is their coat, which can vary depending on which pure breed the hybrid takes after the most. Your dog might have the distinctive spots that come with their Dalmatian lineage or the long double coat that comes from their Husky parentage, but either way, most Husky Dalmatian mix dogs tend to be black and white. The texture of their coat is usually straight and medium length. Their eyes can be brown or blue and their ears are usually floppy, which is a trait that both parents share. Their tails are usually furry and curled slightly.

Temperament of the Husky Dalmatian Mix

The temperament of the Husky Dalmatian mix is a nice combination of both of their parental lines. This breed is an incredibly intelligent, loyal, and affectionate and they will be very attached to their owners and their family. Since they come from a Husky lineage, expect them to be pack dogs which means that they will need a concrete leader to listen to, otherwise they might believe that they’re the alpha and start behaving mischievously. This hybrid also requires high amounts of energy-burning activities as both of their parental lines are very active dogs. They should not be left alone for long periods of time because they will get bored and stressed which might result in destructive behaviors.

Since they’re hunting animals, they might develop the instinct to dig holes and chase small animals around. This is normal behavior that should be encouraged as long as it is supervised because it helps the dog relieve stress and channel their energy positively, so teaching them the appropriate places to dig and which animals are alright to chase around (while playing!) is very important.

Even though the Husky Dalmatian mix is a great family dog, they’re not really recommended for small children. They’re very eager dogs and might accidentally injure a small child that wants to play with them, especially since they tend to pull their leash in excitement when they see something or someone that interests them.

Feeding the Husky Dalmatian Mix

The nutritional needs of the Husky Dalmatian mix are slightly higher than those of other hybrid breeds (note). It’s always recommended to feed your dog with the best quality food possible, to avoid obesity and all the health issues that come with it, but this hybrid breed has a particularity that not a lot of breeds have: they’re particularly picky eaters. This means that picking the correct food for your dog might not be the easiest task and it might require the help of a veterinary professional. It’s suggested that the food that’s provided to this breed has its coat in mind and has the appropriate mineral, vitamins, and essential oils required to keep their skin and hair as healthy as possible. The recommended dosage of food for the Husky Dalmatian mix is 2 or 3 cups of food a day, which varies depending on the amount of energy they do throughout the day.  They also need foods high in protein and carbohydrates to avoid bones and joints health issues.

Dalmatian Husky Mix Breed

Dalmatian Husky Mix Breed

Grooming the Husky Dalmatian Mix

The grooming for the Husky Dalmatian mix is surprisingly easy for a breed with their coat characteristics. Unlike other breeds with similar coat length and texture (note) the Husky Dalmatian breed has a low shedding quality, which means that even though they can inherit the Husky’s double coat, they won’t need anything more than one or two brushes a week. This breed tends to shed twice a year, where most of the dead hair will fall so it’s important to take the appropriate precautions for when those times come.

When it comes to their baths, the Husky Dalmatian mix will need to have less frequent baths than most breeds, to protect their skin and coat. As with any other breed, they need to get their teeth and ears cleaned at least weekly, to avoid periodontal diseases and ear infections. And while their nails tend to file themselves down with activity, trimming them if they get too long is also essential.

Health Risks of the Husky Dalmatian Mix

The health concerns regarding the Husky Dalmatian mix are different than those of pure breeds. As hybrids, this breed tends to be healthier than their parental lines and usually don’t present as many risks as them. However, they can present some genetic health conditions that have been passed on from their Husky or Dalmatian lineages. On one hand, Husky is a relatively healthy breed and the only concern that you might have from them is their eyes issues, which usually are presented with age and that can be easily avoided.

Their Dalmatian side can be a bit more concerning. This pure breed has been known to be prone to obesity, dysplasia (hip and legs), and urinary issues like infections and bladder stones. And even though this issue might sound scary, they’re actually quite easy to avoid. With a good diet, a good exercise routine, and a happy life, the chances of the Husky Dalmatian mix presenting the diseases are lowered.  

Dalmatian Husky Mix Puppy

Dalmatian Husky Mix Puppy

How to Buy a Husky Dalmatian Mix?

When considering the pros and cons of purchasing a hybrid puppy, there are some important things that you have to have in mind. The most relevant one to most people is the price. The Husky Dalmatian mix can have different costs depending on the location, but they are around the range of $500 to $1000. After confirming the price, the second main thing to be aware of is the quality of your breeder. Make sure that the person who is breeding the Husky Dalmatian mix that you’re buying, gives you a certificate of health and complies with the health and welfare conditions for the puppies as well as the parents.

Dalmatian and Husky Facts

The Husky

Husky Characteristics: This pure breed of dog is a medium-to-large sized dog. They have an average height of 20 to 23 inches and an average weight of 40 to 60 pounds. Their coat is generally black and white, though they can have variations that can include brown or tan. The husky is a playful dog and curious dog, that is agile, active, and excellent for outdoor activities. They tend to not like closed down places, and they cannot be left alone for long periods of time. They are a relatively healthy breed and don’t have many genetic diseases that can affect them.

The Dalmatian

Dalmatian Characteristics: The Dalmatians are a very well-known pure breed of dog. They have an average height of 21 to 23 inches and their weight has an average of 45 to 60 pounds. They have a very characteristic coat that is short in texture and white with black spots in color. These dogs are very energetic and playful. They’re very good family dogs because they’re loyal to their owners but extremely sensitive with small children. They’re also very good to watchdogs and even though they can be trained to be socialized, they’re generally wary of strangers and other animals.