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Great Dane Poodle Mix: Great Dane and Poodle Breed

One of the hybrid breeds that a lot of people are taking a particular liking is the Great Dane Poodle mix. This adorable breed is friendly, intelligent, and very loyal, and these qualities have made them great for family environments. Though their large size doesn’t make them ideal for apartment living, their gentle disposition has made them considerably popular to people who are looking for a charming companion that always wants to spend time with them and that also happen to be great watchdogs.

Great Dane Poodle Mix Facts

Weight 90 to 110
Height 25 to 32 inches
Size Large
Coat Single-layered.
Colour Varies, they can come in gold, white, black, gray, brown, and cream, and they could have dark markings
Coat length Short to medium
Coat texture Dense
Eyes Dark, very rarely blue
Ears Floppy
Temperament Sweet, laid-back, loyal, affectionate, intelligent
Life expectancy 10 to 13 years
Hypoallergenic Varies, they could inherit this trait from the Poodle
Kid-friendly Yes
Breed recognition Yes



The Great Dane Poodle Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

Establishing the differences between hybrid dogs and purebreds has been a problem that both experts and dog-enthusiasts have been facing for some time now. And the real question that most ask is: Are mixed breeds better or worse than purebreds? The truth is that it’s hard to tell. When it comes to different aspects of deliberation, some may say they are and some may say they’re not. According to studies, 42% of genetic conditions are found with higher presentations in purebred dogs, while only 4% of disorders are found in a higher proportion in mixed dogs. While most people would assume this means that hybrids are better, it also means that 52% of conditions have no difference between the two and that in the end, it comes down to personal preference.

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5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Great Dane Poodle Mix

    1. Highly intelligent: The Great Dane Poodle mix is known for their high intelligence. Not only are they’re an extremely clever breed but they’re also very attuned to their owner’s need which makes them very receptive to commands. Even as puppies, this mixed breed will understand most of the requests that their owner has for them and they’re very keen to listen and obey.
    2. Easy to train: This is a characteristic directly connected to what was mentioned previously. Since not only are they a highly smart breed but they’re also a breed extremely keen to please their owners, the training of the Great Dane Poodle mix is very easy. Unlike other hybrid breeds (note), they don’t require as much training time to learn commands and they are also very receptive to learning fun tricks. This hybrid doesn’t require as much discipline as other hybrids do and are overall very agreeable, even for owners without a lot of experience with training.
    3. Gentle and Sweet: The Great Dane Poodle mix is an excellent family dog, mostly because of its easy personality. They’re great dogs for beginners or families with children because they’re very sweet and charming and they’re also not too demanding of attention. They’re a friendly and easy-going breed, that’ll be happy spending time with you around the house even if they’re just resting next to you.
    4. They’re extremely loyal: Both the Great Dane and the Poodle are very attachable breeds. They relate to their owners and become very close to them, even if it takes them a little bit. Once this breed has chosen their family members, they will try to protect them at all costs and they’ll also try to be as close to them as possible. This means that even if they’re not doing any physical activity that involves them, they’ll try to be surrounded by the people they love at all times.
    5. Excellent watchdogs: This trait also relates to what was mentioned before. Since they’re such a loyal dog breed, they’re great at protecting the household. Even though they’re not big barkers, they will make a lot of noise if they feel like the family is in any sort of danger. They’re also very intuitive when it comes to danger and will learn what represents a possible threat and what doesn’t in the early stages of their lives.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Great Dane Poodle Mix

    1. Separation anxiety: Unfortunately, this is a big issue for the Great Dane Poodle mix. Similar to what happens with other hybrid breeds (note), they don’t do very well with alone time. This stems mainly from their attachment issues. They get so close to their family members that they feel almost abandoned if they find themselves alone, even for a small amount of time. While this is an easily fixable issue, with early training and a consistent routine, this breed is not recommended for people who spend long periods of time away from home.
    2. They can take time to warm up to people: Even though they’re very sweet and friendly dogs, they’re not the most affectionate to people they don’t know very well. You shouldn’t expect your Great Dane Poodle mix to jump in excitement when meeting new people and it might take them so much time to get used to people they don’t see very often. While they’re not aggressive or hostile, they’re also quite aloof to people they don’t feel comfortable with.
    3. Easily suspicious: Because this breed doesn’t warm up to people easily, they might not be very trusting of new people. This means they might consider people they don’t know possible threats even if they’re just new people that are coming into their lives. Thanks to this trait, it’s important to socialize your Great Dane Poodle mix from a very early age if possible, so they can learn how to recognize what kind of people and animals should be considered welcome.
    4. Not suitable for apartment living: Thanks to their size, this hybrid breed is not the best for smaller places. Even though they’re not the most energetic of hybrid breeds (note), they do feel more comfortable in places where they can walk and explore around. And since they’re considerably large, they might need more walks and exercise if they’re living in a smaller house, as opposed to a bigger space, where they can find ways to entertain themselves.
    5. They’re not easily excitable: This hybrid might not be the ideal dog for people who like their pets to have active and cheerful personalities. The Great Dane Poodle mix is a sweet giant and they’re not big fans of jumping around or running, and would very much rather stay lazing around on the couch and relaxing than chasing around and playing.

Body of the Great Dane Poodle Mix

  • The appearance of first-generation hybrids can be hard to establish. First, they might take after either of their parental breeds, and second, they might develop recessive characteristics that might develop for the first time with them. So, when considering the looks of your hybrid breed, you might want to look after their parents and their ancestors, which might give you a slight idea of what their looks will be.
  • In the case of the Great Dane Poodle mix, they tend to be larger dogs. Their height can go from 25 to 32 inches and their weight can be from 90 to 110 pounds.
  • The build that this mix has is usually a nice blend of both parents, standing between the muscular Great Dane and the lean and square Poodle. They might also have the long limbs that are very characteristic of their Great Dane line.
  • Their ears are usually floppy and their noses are usually black or dark brown.
  • Their snouts are usually long and they can sometimes also be slightly squared.
  • The coat of the Great Dane Poodle mix is usually the biggest mystery. While they might take after their Poodle line, they could also be more similar to the Great Dane. This means they might have curly, dense hair that is also hypoallergenic like the former or straight or wavy hair that also tends to shed more.
  • Their colors also vary considerably. They can come in gold, white, black, gray, brown, and cream, and they might also have dark markings similar to their Great Dane ancestors.

Temperament of the Great Dane Poodle Mix

The personality of the Great Dane Poodle mix is considered very agreeable. Unlike other hybrid breeds (note), they are not known for being highly energetic dogs but rather a very steady, trustworthy presence around the house. Since they’re a very people-oriented breed, they will be more comfortable around the people they love and trust. They are also not very active and will rather stay relaxed and comfortable. This doesn’t mean they don’t need certain amounts of exercise to stay healthy, they particularly love quiet walks more than high energy routines.

This mix is also very loyal and easily attached to their owners, which can sometimes cause them issues of separation anxiety. They don’t enjoy staying alone, not even a little bit, and the stress that this causes them might make them louder than they normally are. Even though they’re not loud dogs, they are excellent watchdogs and will bark if they consider it necessary to protect their owners.

Because of their gentle disposition, they are great with children and other pets, though they might want to chase around smaller animals (which is a trait from their Great Dane line). They’re playful but not aggressive and they’re also very patient, even with smaller kids. “A sweet giant” is an appropriate nickname for this breed.

Feeding the Great Dane Poodle Mix

The nutritional needs of all breeds, but especially hybrid breeds (note) are very important when it comes to the correct care of a dog. Not only is it essential for good health but it’s also a good preventive measurement to avoid the development of diseases. The best food for your dog will always be the one that supplements the right number of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other nutrients that they require for their proper growth and health. In the case of the Grade Dane Poodle mix, because of their size, they need around 4 to 5 cups of food a day, which should be separated into 3 or 4 meals a day, that is correctly administered not to coincide with their exercise regime.

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Grooming the Great Dane Poodle Mix

The minimal grooming that the Great Dane Poodle mix need is one of the biggest draws that this hybrid has. Not only are they extremely low maintenance, but they actually benefit their owners if they need a dog with minimal amounts of specific grooming needs. Since both the Great Dane and the Poodle tend to shed very little, it means that this mix will have considerably lower shedding as well. Not only that, if they lean into their Poodle parentage type of coat, they might also be hypoallergenic. It’s recommended for them to have some brushing to avoid tangles and matted hair, but no more than once or twice a week is required. They also don’t need more than one bath every month or so, with special shampoos and soaps made specifically for dogs with sensitive skins.

Health Risks of the Great Dane Poodle Mix

  • The health risks that the Great Dane Poodle mix might develop are usually separated into two categories: Those manageable and those urgent/deadly.
    • The first one represents the possible diseases that relate to degenerative affections, that might be presented over time and that might have enough prevention or management that it doesn’t threaten the life of your dog.
      • These illnesses include Hip dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, and Eye Complications such as cataracts and glaucoma.
      • While concerning, all of these can be controlled and monitored to the point where with the good veterinary care they can get better with time.
    • The second category of diseases that might affect them a lot more difficult.
      • First of all, these are issues that might cause the death of your dog if not treated promptly and second of all, they usually require surgery or other complicated corrections.
        • The principal disease within this category is Gastric Torsion or Bloating. This is a disease caused by the torsion of the stomach and the bowel, usually because of a high energy exercise that has been done immediately after the dog has finished eating.
        • Fortunately, this disorder is quite easy to prevent by not letting your dog exercise right after eating, especially if it involves an exercise where they will be tumbling down and rolling on their back.
  • Have a look at our Dog Health section to understand some more in depth factors to your dogs health

How to Buy a Great Dane Poodle Mix

The most important part of purchasing a dog of any kind is to make sure that the breeder is managing their business with the wellbeing of the dogs in mind. The first tip you should have in mind is to find a reputable breeder and make sure that they have all of the appropriate credentials required to provide that service. Remember to verify that they conduct their business within the bounds of ethical practices established by your country, which might include keeping the dogs in the best condition that they can be and guaranteeing them the best care possible. Third, you must demand that the breeder provide you with a health screening before you buy the dogs, not only for the puppy but for the parents as well.

As for the price, the Great Dane Poodle mix has been known to cost between $800 to $1500. Remember that the cost of an authentic dog will depend on the reputation of the breeder, the certifications they have, and your location.

Great Dane Poodle Mix Facts

The Great Dane

This breed is known for its large size.  They have a height range of 30 to 32 inches and a weight of 100 to 120 pounds. This breed is known for their gentle nature. They’re sweet, charming, and good family pets. They get along great with other pets and they’re very intelligent and easy learners. Their head is flat on top and their ears naturally drop. They are usually very lean and their legs are long and straight, especially the front ones. This breed can come in specific colors like black, blue, tan, and a mixture of all of them. The texture of their coat is usually smooth and straight, and they’re very light shedders.

The Poodle

The Poodle is known for its intelligence and sweet personality. They’re lively and very active dogs, and they’re great family friends as they love spending time with people. They’re very easily trained and their socialization process is very easy. This breed of dog can develop some bad behaviors if they feel alone or if they don’t get enough stimulation from their humans. Physically, Poodles come in three sizes: Standard (taller than 15 inches and 50 to 70 pounds in weight), the miniature (around 10 inches in height and 12 to 20 pounds in weight), and the toy (less than 10 inches in height and around 7 pounds in weight). All varieties of the Poodle have a long appearance with a long muzzle and long, dropped ears. Their coat tends to be curly and dense. They can come in several colors like black, white, tan, reds and a mix of all of them.

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