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German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix: German Shepherd and Dalmatian Breed

One of these breeds that have recently become more popular is the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix. This medium to large breed has a wonderful combination of attractive physical traits that make them very appealing to both dog experts and people who like cute puppies. Their personality is also very sought after since they have a little bit of both the German Shepherd and the Dalmatian, both of which are extremely popular breeds.

German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Facts

Weight 80 to 90 pounds
Height 24 and 26 inches
Size Medium to large
Coat Smooth and soft
Colour Varies can be black mixed with tan, red, yellow
Coat length Short to medium
Coat texture Varies, it can be smooth and soft or silky
Eyes Round, usually brown
Ears Varies, Floppy or standing straight
Temperament Intelligent, fast learners, loyal, protective, energetic
Life expectancy 8 to 13 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly Yes, older children
Breed recognition No



The German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

Hybrid breeds have recently become extremely popular for dog-lovers. According to research, they represent more than half of the world’s dog population and around 51% of people say that they prefer hybrid breeds rather than pure breeds, as they tend to be more healthy and easier to train.

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5 Reasons Why you Should Get a German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

    1. Extremely Intelligent: The German Shepherd Dalmatian mix has inherited the cleverness of both of their parental lines. They understand commands very well and they listen to their owners quite easily if they’re trained from an early age. This hybrid breed is also very good at learning new tricks and they’re excited to do them, especially if they’re offered positive reinforcements in the form of treats.
    2. Very Loyal: Thanks to their Dalmatian line, the German Shepherd mix will be very attached to their owners. This means that they will demonstrate extremely loyal traits, including protecting the family if they deem necessary. They are also very headstrong and have a very defined personality, which means that they will form direct bonds with the people they consider family and they will try their best to make sure that they’re happy.
    3. Easily Trainable: As mentioned before, the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix is a breed of which cleverness is one of their primary characteristics. However, not every hybrid breed (note) is as easily trainable as this one. If they are trained early, they respond extremely well to positive reinforcement techniques and they will remember their training throughout their entire life.
    4. Ideal for an active family: Since both of their parental lines are bred for companionship, the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix is an excellent dog for families that live a full, active life. This means that they love spending time outside and that they will have a lot of energy to be spent. They’re great hikers and they love nature, so spending time with them in the outdoors should be ideal. They also find active stimulation great for their mental and physical health and it helps them lower the chance of developing wrongful behaviors.
    5. Perfect watchdogs: The German Shepherd Dalmatian mix is a wonderful watchdog. On one hand, they have loyalty from the Dalmatian. On the other, they have the protectiveness that comes from their German Shepherd, which means that they will try their hardest to make sure that their family and loved ones are as safe as possible. Their intelligence also makes them very helpful when it comes to making noise when they feel like there’s something different or odd that might affect their owners.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

    1. Not very easy to find: Unfortunately, the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix doesn’t really have a high demand in the market. That’s why it can be quite challenging to find a breeder that can guarantee a good quality puppy. Overall, The German Shepherd Dalmatian mix isn’t as popular as other hybrid breeds (note) because they can tend to inherit more genetic health issues from their parental lines.
    2. High chances of health issues: As mentioned before, the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix tends to develop more health issues than other similar hybrid breeds. It can happen because most of the diseases that affect one of the pure breeds, generally affects the other one too. Most of the issues that can affect this hybrid are very common and can be easily fixed if caught early. The problem usually stems from the fact that, unless you have a genetic study from the parents, knowing if your pup will develop this illness can be very tricky. It’s a chance that not a lot of people are willing to take.
    3. They require large spaces: The German Shepherd Dalmatian mix is a very large and active dog. Since they tend to have a lot of energy, they don’t do very well in apartments or smaller spaces. They can get a little bit stressed out if they don’t have enough room to walk around and this might result in wrongful behaviors like biting things around the house or excessive barking. If you do want to keep your hybrid in a smaller space, you have to make sure that they are receiving enough exercise, time outside and that you don’t leave them alone for long periods of time.
    4. High attention requirements: This treat relates directly to the point above. The German Shepherd Dalmatian mix has high energy requirements and this means that they need a lot of attention. Attention for your mix can come in two ways: Exercise and time spending with them. The first one is essential for them, as it allows them to spend as much energy as possible. This also helps them keep good health, both physical and mental. The second one involves the owner directly. This breed doesn’t do very well alone and they don’t like to spend too much time without anyone in the house. Even if you’re not doing anything specific with your puppy, they’ll have to have someone around them at all times to lower their stress.
    5. Overprotective: This is a trait inherited directly from their German Shepherd line. They tend to be very attached to their owners and can sometimes be too overprotective with those they consider family. This can be an issue since they can sometimes try to “protect” their loved ones too passionately from things that might not actually be dangerous. Even though it can be bothersome, this problem has an easy fix. Early socialization will assure that your dog is used to meeting other people and that they know very well what should and shouldn’t be considered a danger.

Body of the German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

  • Like with other hybrid breeds (note), the appearance of the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix can be hard to determine. All mixes are known because their appearance can vary greatly depending on the specific litter and knowing the specific characteristics of both parental lines is essential to know what the possible outcome of your puppy will be.
  • Both the German Shepherd and the Dalmatian are medium to large breeds so their hybrid will have that size tendency as well. Their height is usually between 24 and 26 inches and while their weight can vary depending on their diet, it usually goes around 80 to 90 pounds.
  • Their coat can vary in color and texture. Since the German Shepherd can come in multiple colors, this hybrid can likely be tan, black, yellow, or a combination of all. It’s not very likely that they’ll inherit their Dalmatian parents’ black and white spots in their entire body, but they might have patches of black or white spread through their bodies.
  • The coat length can vary, going from short to medium.
  • Their muzzles will be long and their ears can either be floppy or standing straight, depending on whether they favor their Dalmatian or German Shepherd lineage.

Temperament of the German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

The prime character feature that the German Shepherd Dalmatian has is their protective personality. They are very loyal dogs and they hold extremely deep connections with their owners and their family, which means that they will try their hardest to maintain peace in the household. This trait makes them excellent watchdogs as well since they are very aware of the possible threats that might bother their owners and when to look out for them.

As both of their parental lines, this hybrid breed is quite intelligent. They are very easily trainable and while they might inherit a bit of the stubborn streak of the German Shepherd breed, they are great listeners and learn extremely fast. They are also very high energy dogs. They will not be very happy in smaller spaces and they love the outdoors, so hikes and long walks are necessary for them to be happy and comfortable dogs. They might not be ideal for smaller children as they might not be able to control their strength around them unsupervised, but they’re great for older children who give them lots of attention. This hybrid doesn’t like to be alone for long periods of time, which means a family who spends a lot of their time at home might be the best fit for them.

Feeding the German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

For the nutritional needs of the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix, there are a few things to consider. Unlike other hybrid breeds (note), this mix requires a more specialized diet because of the health issues that they might face. They need 2.5 to 3 cups of high-quality food, that must be separated throughout the day. Since the Dalmatians tend to be low-tolerant to high-protein diets, you must make sure that their diets are more focused on other nutrients like vitamins for their coat. Consulting your veterinary professional might be necessary to create a special diet for your puppy.

Their exercise routine is essential for the health of this hybrid. Since they’re very active dogs, you must make sure that their feed is always the correct amount so that they don’t have an excess or a deficit of energy. Make sure that their food is not high in calories or carbohydrates because even though they do a lot of exercises, they are also breeds prone to obesity, which must be avoided at all costs.

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Grooming the German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

The grooming for the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix is quite interesting. Even though both parental lines have low grooming maintenance, this hybrid has higher requirements than them. They tend to shed consistently throughout the year since the Dalmatian has a short and smooth coat that sheds during some seasons and the Germans Shepherd has a long to medium coat that sheds all year. This combination makes them not hypoallergenic and it makes them require constant brushes to avoid the accumulation of dead or loose hairs.

They tend to have sensitive skin and therefore their bath routine should be limited to once a month or so (unless they get considerably dirty). Their nails and ear grooming are similar to other dogs (note) unless they inherit the characteristic German Shepherd standing ears. If they do, they need bigger monitoring than other breeds, to avoid any possible ear infection that might be caused by the amount of time they love to spend outside. Their nails don’t need to be clipped unless they’re so overgrown and an easy way to determined that is if they click against the floor. Since they are very active dogs, their nails are usually filed down naturally, but checking every 2 or so weeks might be necessary. This breed requires regular teeth cleaning as well.

Health Risks of the German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

  • Discussing the importance of the health risks of hybrid breeds is extremely important. Even though it’s common knowledge that most hybrid dogs are less likely to develop diseases than purebred dogs, this actually only applies to certain specific illnesses. According to studies, only 42% of cases in purebred dogs have a bigger chance to present certain genetic diseases.
  • In the case of the German Shepherd Dalmatian mix, their biggest health issue comes from diseases that affect both of their parental breeds which makes them a higher risk to present them. This hybrid breed has the possibility to develop a considerable amount of genetic diseases that might affect their wellbeing.
    • The most common ones are bladder stones, hip dysplasia, enlargement of the heart, and congenital deafness.
    • Most of the aforementioned can be controlled.
      • For example, the bladder stones can be prevented with a well-managed diet that doesn’t include high levels of protein and while this doesn’t guarantee that your dog won’t get sick, it will help lower the chances of presentation of the disease.
  • Have a look at our Dog Health section to understand some more in depth factors to your dogs health

How to Buy a German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to obtain a German Shepherd Dalmatian mix. They are very hard to obtain breed mostly because of the possible health issues that they might present. Breeders don’t always feel comfortable breeding them, as they cannot always assure you that you’ll have a healthy and happy dog for the rest of your life. However, if you do manage to find them, the price range is usually pretty steep. They can go from $800 to $1200, depending on the location.

It’s important to remember that because they have a predisposition to sickness, you must find an excellent breeder that can assure you only the best genetics possible. Always have in mind that genetics present themselves thanks to specific environmental conditions. That means that the best quality of life the parents of your puppy have, then the least chances they’ll have to develop any possible genetic illness.

German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Facts

The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a very well-known and popular breed. They are very loyal and intelligent dogs, known usually for their incredible ability to learn tasks (which makes them great police and firefighter dogs). Their size usually goes from 24 to 26 inches tall, and their weight can be from 60 to 90 pounds. Their coat can vary from long to medium and they come in an array of colors like black and red, black and tan, and black and silver. They are very courageous and will make excellent watchdogs to the family. They’re not great for smaller children but are very good family pets for those with older kids. They’re usually somewhat reserved and require more socialization to be comfortable around people and other animals. They require a lot of exercise and activity.

The Dalmatian

Dalmatians are one of the most well-known dog breeds in the world. They have an average height of 21 to 23 inches and their weight has an average of 45 to 60 pounds. They have an easily identifiable coat that is short in texture and white with black spots. Their coat is silky and smooth and they don’t tend to shed as much, so their grooming needs can be quite minimal. These dogs are very energetic and playful. They’re very good family dogs because they’re loyal to their owners but extremely sensitive with small children. They’re also very good to watchdogs and even though they can be trained to be socialized, they’re generally wary of strangers and other animals. They’re extremely smart and very easy to train, as long as you use positive reinforcement in the form of rewards.

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