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German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix | Vet Verified Facts

German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix Black and White

German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix Puppy Breed

The German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix is one of the very odd three-way breeds that stands out thanks to their wide genetic diversity and adorable exterior. This dog looks like a cute bear cub and has a very interesting ancestry that still needs a lot of research, but that seems like the future of hybrid breeds everywhere.

German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix Facts

Weight 50 to 120 pounds
Height 15 to 28 inches
Size Varies can be medium to large
Coat Varies
Color Varies, usually black, red, brown
Coat length Varies, usually short to medium
Coat texture Fluffy, soft and dense
Eyes Round and with various colors
Ears Large and floppy
Temperament Sweet, energetic, alert, playful
Life expectancy 12 to 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly Yes
Reed recognition No

The German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

Bringing a dog into your home is a very high responsibility that comes from the need we all have to share our lives with something that brings us joy and infinite love. Dogs can become an integral part of the family, and that’s why it is so important to make a good, conscious decision about what type of dog is better of you and your lifestyle.

One of the most common practices the dog world has assimilated is the cross-breeding practice, even if there is some controversy when it comes to its benefits. A lot of the people that support it say that crossbred dogs add to the hybrid vigor of the breed, creating stronger, healthier, and with the proper care, even more, good looking dogs. At the end of the day, however, it all comes down to your personal preference and what you are looking for in a lifelong companion.

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German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix

5 Reasons Why you Should Get a German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

  1. They are great watchdogs: The German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix comes from three breeds that are incredibly smart and clever, and that makes them very good as watchdogs. They are also very alert in general, and thanks to their German Shepherd ancestry, they are extremely protective of their owners and people they love, so their caring nature is almost a given.
  2. Great companions: This hybrid breed is excellent for people who wish to have a long life partner in their lives, who loves spending time with them. These dogs love to be around their owners and people who they love and don’t like to be too far from their owners. They are very affectionate and sweet, and even though they prefer energetic activities, they will be happy to be around you regardless of the situation.
  3. Extremely intelligent: The training of this hybrid breed is very easy and usually very fast if done at an early age. They are very clever and intelligent and love to please their owners, so most of the time training them will only require a short amount of time. They are very receptive to positive reinforcement and will learn a lot of commands with ease.
  4. They love to herd things: All of the parent lines from this hybrid breed tend to be herders, so they love to spend time outside and run around fields. They are great for outdoor work and they live very happily in farms and country houses. They are also great with children who love activities and playing outside. They are also great for farm work in general, as they are great with other animals.
  5. Good at activity: As mentioned before, the German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix is an excellent dog for people who love spending time in the outside. They are very playful dogs and love chasing things, which is a trait that comes from all of their parental lines. They need regular exercise, so they will be best suited for households in which their owners are very, very active. Their coat also allows them to resist cold weather very well, so they can spend a lot of time outside without issues.

German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix Puppy Facts

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

  1. Wariness around strangers: They tend to be very wary around strangers, especially if they are not socialized from an early age, which is a trait obtained by their German Shepherd family line. They are usually not aggressive but can be prone to biting if startled or surprised by new people. They can warm up to people easily, as long as they get the proper time to do so.
  2. They require a lot of exercises: All three of its parental lines are extremely outdoorsy dogs, and it is not a surprise than this crossbred need a lot of exercises. Since their size may vary, they need a rather large space to be able to explore and constant stimulation, otherwise, they can be stressed very easily. If the stress is not controlled in time, they can cause high amounts of damage in the property, or even start causing harm to themselves, as a way to relieve pent up energy.
  3. Need constant attention: They are a hybrid breed that has a very deep connection with their owners, and that require to spend as much as time possible with them. This can cause them to need a lot of attention and playtime, which if not met, can cause them to develop harmful behaviors that can including biting people and furniture, peeing inside out of nervousness and scratching compulsively.
  4. Separation anxiety: Most of the issues that these dogs have to tend to relate to their familial nature. As they grow too attached to their owners, they will often develop separation anxiety, and this will cause them physical manifestations. These physical manifestations can cause them to harm in ways that the owner might interpret as illness, but that can be easily fixed by giving the dog the attention that it requires. If you are a person or family, that generally doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with their dog, this breed could not be the right one for you.
  5. They are possessive and territorial: This is a very prevalent characteristic of this mixed breed. They are hybrid that tends to become very protective of their owners and their family. They are also very territorial when it comes to their home and can be somewhat scary when they feel like other animals or humans are threatening to them or their families. They are also very territorial when it comes to other strange animals in their home, however, these dogs can be easily socialized and used to animals once they get to know them.

German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix Black and White

Body of the German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

  • The German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix is an extremely adorable dog that has a high resemblance to a grizzly bear cub. The puppies have a tendency to be very fluffy and cute, with a look that is very attractive to a lot of people. They look like an odd mix of all three breeds, which makes them a very unique dog. They can have different variations because of their genetic backgrounds.  
  • The German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix can come from in totally different sizes, heights, and weights, and unlike most of the hybrid breeds, it is very hard to have a definite standard for the breed, as the characteristics can change from individual to individual. Their size can go from 15 to 28 inches from shoulder to paw and their weight can be from 50 to 120 pounds when fully grown.  
  • When it comes to their coat, the color can change greatly from one another. Their coat can go from black to red to light brown.
  • They have round eyes, and their eye color can go from dark to light brown.
  • They have short and wide muzzles, which helps their resemblance to bear cubs.
  • The only characteristic that all the individuals tend to share is having a fluffy, tight and bear-like quality to their coat.

German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix Breed Dog

Temperament of the German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

  • The German Shepherd Akita Corgi is exactly the way you would expect. They are a perfect mix of all of their parent breeds, and their temperament depends on how you raise them.
  • These dogs are very intelligent and clever, and they love to listen to their owners. They are shepherd dogs, so they love to herd other animals and people. Don’t be surprised to see your dog try to herd you around the house, as this is very normal to their nature.
  • They need to be kept active and they love to exercise. They need to play around and to spend as much time as possible outside, otherwise, they won’t be able to release all of their energy, and might get stress. 
  • This breed requires high amounts of attention. They are going to want to spend a lot of time with their owners, and they are ideal for people who like to spend time outside doing sports of hiking.
  • They are very loving and extremely loyal, and they bond for life with their owners.
  • They are not aggressive dogs and are great for families with children.

Feeding the German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

Like all other dog breeds, the German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix needs have very specific nutritional needs, and these will depend on the dog in question. In general, this hybrid dog will require a basic amount of nutrients. Since they are very large dogs, they usually require diets with high amounts on energy and protein, as well as a high amount of vitamins and minerals. They also have a predisposition to corn allergies, so you must be very careful when it comes to feeding them commercial food. When it comes to the amount of food they should be provided with, it depends on the individual. Some dogs will be happier eating twice a day, while others prefer to be fed three constants meals throughout the day. Since the coat maintenance is a very important part of their care, it is very important to give them supplements to obtain good coat health. Usually, the use of wet food, as well as a dry food, will not be required from a nutritional perspective, but since they do respond to positive feedback, the use of treats is recommended.

To understand what food items you can give your German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix, check out Can I Give My Dog?

German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix Black Puppy

Grooming the German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

When it comes to grooming, the German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix is a very high maintenance dog. Since they tend to have very rich and beautiful coats, their grooming needs are very high, to make sure that they are taken care of. They shed a lot of furs, and so they are not considered hypoallergenic, and they need to have their hair brushed at least 3 times a day. The use of a slicker brush to comb their coat will help with the accumulation of debris and dirt. They don’t need to be bathed much time as their coat tends to have an insulation quality, but it is recommended to clean them occasionally with wet wipes to give them a nice scent. Their nails need to be trimmed as any other breed of dogs, and they do not have any particular issue with extra growth. It is recommended to brush their teeth at least twice a week.

Health Risks of the German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

  • The health risk for this hybrid breed of dogs can vary since they have three genetic pools that might affect it.
  • They might be prone to hip dysplasia, which is a disease often presented in large dogs, and it is very common in both the German Shepherd and the Akita breeds. This genetic issue can be fixed by the breeder, by selecting animals with health certificates that represent a lower possibility for their offspring to get the disease, and by their owners by supplementing enough nutritional value food for them to be as healthy and strong as possible.  
  • Other diseases that might affect the German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix are epilepsy, blood disorders, and tumors. These are not as presented as often, but it is important to consider the possibility as this breed is rare enough not to have a full genetic background made.
  • They can also suffer from gastrointestinal issues that are generally caused by the wrongful administration of food by the owner.

German Shepherd Corgi Akita Mix Dog

How to Buy a German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix?

Buying a German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix puppy can vary depending on your location, but this breed is generally very hard to obtain. The cost of a puppy alone can be somewhere between $400 and $1000, but these prices can vary depending on the breeder. You must remember that the responsibility of buying a puppy must rely on your ability to research the breeder and to make sure that their breeding practices are up to par with the law. There’s also necessary with hybrid breeds like these to remember than a certification of quality from the breeder in essential to make sure than you get a healthy dog, with everything regarding paperwork in order.

German Shepherd, Akita, and Corgi Facts

The German Shepherd

German Shepherd Characteristics: This breed of dog can be medium to large in size. They have a height of 22 to 26 inches from shoulder to paw, and they have an average weight of 75 to 95 pounds. They have a lifespan of around 10 to 14 years. They have a medium-length coat that came in a lot of different color variations.  These purebred dogs are very friendly dogs that make great family dogs that are very protective and kind. They love children and bond with their owners for life. They are also very protective and energetic, they have very high activity requirements.

The Akita

Akita Characteristics: They have a height of 26 to 28 inches from shoulder to paw, and they have an average weight of 70 to 130 pounds. They are very large and powerful, and can sometimes be hard to control. They tend to be very lonely dogs that usually do not get along with other dogs, as they can sometimes be aggressive towards them. They are very loyal and affectionate to their owners and family members and are wonderful watchdogs. They are very territorial and wary of strangers and do not warm up easily to unknown people. They are very energetic and require a lot of activity and training.

The Corgi

Corgi Characteristics: They have a height of 10 to 12 inches from shoulder to paw, and they have an average weight of 22 to 30 pounds.  Corgis are a small but willful breed that has been used to cow herd because of their tendency to be stubborn and very, very fast. They are herd dogs, who love to chase around other animals and even people. They are quite playful and energetic and love to spend time outside and to make a lot of different activities with their owners.