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Doberman Poodle Mix – Doberman and Poodle Breed

Doberman Poodle Mix Brown

Doberman Poodle Mix Brown

The Doberman Poodle Mix is a mixed breed dog that results from the breeding of a Poodle and a Doberman. This type of dog has a mix of the genetic and physical characteristics of both their parent lines, though sometimes they can have a little bit more of one or the other. Generally, the litters that come from two pure genetic lines tend to be random when it comes to the specific characteristics obtained from each of their parents. This makes it likely that the puppies from the same litter may be completely different in both physical appearance and behaviour.

This breed of hybrid is recognized by major associations across the world and is one of the greatest pets out there. This article explains everything you need to know about the Doberman Poodle Mix, and to help you figure out if this wonderful hybrid breed is the ideal one for you.

Doberman Poodle Mix Facts

Weight 60 to 85 pounds
Height 24 to 28 inches
Size Medium to large
Coat  Varies
Color Varies
Coat length Medium to long
Coat texture Wavy and soft
Eyes Round and usually dark
Ears Large and floppy
Temperament Energetic, friendly, kind, alert, loyal
Life expectancy 10 to 13
Hypoallergenic Yes
Kid-friendly Yes
Reed recognition Yes

The Doberman Poodle Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

When it comes to adopting or buying a dog, there has always been this debate when it comes to mixed breeds of dogs. Some people believe that adopting mixed dogs that come from the breeding of purebred dogs results in dogs that might have health problems, as a result of inbreeding. While this might be true, these issues usually present themselves because the purebreds had genetic issues that would’ve presented regardless of the cross that was made. The true secret for a successful breeder is the responsibility to find traits within the dogs that will only make them healthier and taking care of the parent line so that the best of the genetic traits can be expressed.

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Doberman Poodle Mix - Doberman

5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Doberman Poodle Mix

  1. They love to feel included: The Doberman Poodle mix is a very sweet type of dog that loves to belong. They love spending time with family, and will always look for ways to spend time with their owners. One of the traits that are obtained from their Doberman parent line is that they love spending time with their “pack”, which can mean both humans and other pets. These dogs will stay with you throughout everything and make great companions.
  2. Easygoing and loving: Even though the Doberman has been categorized as a rather serious and independent dog breed, this could not be further from the truth for the Doberman Poodle mix. They are great dogs that enjoy spending time outside and get along great with other animals, like cats. Their socialization process is rather easy, and they bond with people for life, if introduced to them at an early age.
  3. They are great family pets: As mentioned before, they get along with everyone in the house. This makes them the perfect pet when it comes to families which may have more than one animal in the house, and for parents with smaller children who love animals. They love to play with children and are usually very patient with them, even without supervision. They are extremely familiar and don’t like to spend a lot of time alone since they consider themselves a part of the pack. They are very soft, and their personality tends to be ideal for people who are looking for a kindhearted dog.
  4. Excellent watchdog: Another trait obtained from their Doberman parent line is that this hybrid breed is an excellent watchdog, as they are aware of most situations and are extremely protective of their owners. They can detect sounds very easy, and are very aware of the situations happening around them. They are extremely alert at all times, and can very protective when it comes to their family, their territory, or their property. This trait can make them a little bit wary around strangers at first, but their sweet and kind personality makes it easier for them to warm up to people fairly fast, once they get to know them.
  5. Obedient and cheerful: This delightful hybrid breed is a great dog for training in general, as they are wonderfully attentive and listen to everything their owner or trainer has to say. They tend to love activities in which they feel included, so training usually takes time and patience, but it results in an incredibly well-behaved dog. They can also easily learn tricks if encouraged by positive reinforcements like treats and extra playtime. They are extremely clever and a have a wonderful memory, so games like hide and seek are great for them, especially if it’s an activity involving the entire family.

Doberman Poodle Mix Black

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Doberman Poodle Mix

  1. Separation anxiety: The Doberman Poodle Mix is a great family dog, as mentioned before. Unfortunately, this makes them extremely attached to their owners and those close to them, and this can generate separation anxiety, especially in dogs who grew up with their caretakers since they were small. This can cause them to have high levels of stress, and can even generate physical pathologies that can present themselves as disease or as wrongful behavior. If you are a person or family who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with their dog, this breed might not be the right for you.
  2. They require high amounts of exercise: All large dogs are recommended to have a certain amount of exercise to avoid pathologies like obesity, diabetes, and stress. The Doberman Poodle mix is no exception to that rule. Particularly, they enjoy outdoor activities that involve expending a lot of time with their owners, including long walks and playtime. In general, the recommended amount of exercise this type of dog should get is around 2 times a day, which requires a lot of time and dedication from the owner.
  3. Wary around strangers: As mentioned before, this breed is extremely protective of their owners and loved ones, and this can translate into wariness around those they do not know, especially if those people interact with their owners or loved ones. It can manifest into simple shyness if they have been socialized early and gotten used to new people, or, in the worst case, present itself as aggression. This can be solved by getting the dog used to strangers early on in their lives, though sometimes it can be hard to accomplish.
  4. They can be a little bit stubborn: Like all dogs, they have a stubborn streak that can sometimes be difficult for the trainers or owners. In this particular case, their stubbornness comes from their wariness of strangers, as mentioned before, and they can sometimes be hard to train as they will not listen to someone whom they are not comfortable with.
  5. High maintenance: This type of dog has very particular characteristics that might make their maintenance harder for those without enough time to take care of them. The most prominent one is the need to brush their coat every day to avoid damage to it, as their coat is very delicate and prone to knots, as this is characteristic passed on from their Poodle parental line.

Doberman Poodle Mix Dog Breed

Body of the Doberman Poodle Mix

  • The Doberman Poodle mix is a great hybrid breed because it combines the best of their parent lines.
  • They tend to be rather large dogs, which is a trait inherited from their Doberman lineage. They can grow up to be 24 to 28 inches tall from paw to shoulder, and they usually have a rather large built, with a muscular physique.
  • From their Poodle parent line, they have gotten their floppy ears and their long head and neck.
  • Their eyes are round and usually dark-colored, brown or black.
  • Their coat is medium to long length and they have a variety of textures than can go from straight to curly, like the Poodle’s, and usually, it’s very thick, which can sometimes make it prone to knots. Their coat can also be a multitude of colours, from red to back, white and tan.
  • When it comes to their weight, they have a variable healthy weight scale. They can go from 60 to 85 pounds when it comes to males and 50 to 75 pounds when it comes to females. This makes them very large dogs that require a lot of space to run around and feel comfortable.

Doberman Poodle Mix Dog

Temperament of the Doberman Poodle Mix

The Doberman Poodle mix is a wonderful family dog. They are typically very pleasant dogs that love to be easygoing and loving to their owners, and who love spending time with their owners and other animals. They have a very even temperament, which makes them great dogs to have around children that love playing and outdoor activities. They have a lot of energy, and they are a very strong breed. In some places, this type of dog is used for herding as they tend to be very disciplined and obedient, though they seem to have a better fit within a family, especially if they can spend a lot of time with the dog. They are very cheerful, which means that they are always up for playtime, and generally need a medium to high amount to exercise to release all of their energy. They are great runners and their favorite activities include jogging along with their owner.

Like their Doberman parent line, they tend to be very alert, and extremely protective of the things and the people they love. They can be very good watchdogs if trained since they are small for that purpose. Their socialization skills are great when it comes to children, especially older children and teenagers, and other non-canine pets, but they do require patience training as they can sometimes be over eager. They can suffer from separation anxiety if their owner doesn’t spend enough time with them, and they are affectionate and kind.

Feeding the Doberman Poodle Mix

The nutritional needs of the Doberman Poodle mix depend on the purpose for which the dog is needed and used for, and their breed necessities. Because they tend to be such big dogs, they usually consume a high amount of food daily, and this will depend on the exercise they do every day. If the dogs are usually doing a lot of physical activity, whether at a farm or exercising with their owners, this means they spend a high amount of energy, and therefore their food should be plentiful and high in fat, to give them enough energy to spend. Usually, this type of dog will consume 3 to 4 cups of dry food daily, which can be split between two or three meals, depending on how the dog is trained.

Since they are a fairly muscular dog, they need a higher supplement of protein in their food, as well as minerals and vitamins. Usually, commercial dog foods will provide these needs for the dog, but if necessary, especially if the dog is having low energy or a deficit in weight, supplementation with wet food is obligatory.

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Doberman Poodle Mix Facts

Grooming the Doberman Poodle Mix

The grooming of this particular hybrid dog will depend entirely on their genetics. If their coat is more like their Poodle parental line, then they are a lot more likely to be hypoallergenic. However, in general, they tend not to shed a lot and to have a manageable coat. They do require to be brushed every day, as their coat has a tendency to develop knots if not taken care of properly, and especially to remove excessive debris from accumulating.

A particular grooming tip that is essential for this breed of dog and that is their ear management. They need to have a weekly ear cleaning, as the type of ears they have can get dirty easily and can cause health issues. This cleaning can be performed with an ear solution, vet recommended preferably, and a soaked cotton ball. Their nails need to be trimmed as any other breed of dogs, and they do not have any particular issue with extra growth. It is recommended to brush their teeth at least twice a week.

Health Risks of the Doberman Poodle Mix

  • As it is common with most hybrid dogs, they tend to be extremely healthy and resistant to a lot of health situations. However, some of these breeds can have hereditary issues that come from their parent lines, and unfortunately, both the Doberman and the Poodle have a few health issues that might be important for a potential owner to know.
  • The most common disease that might affect the Doberman Poodle mix is Addison’s disease, which is fairly common and easy to manage if detected early.
  • They can also suffer from other metabolism diseases like hypothyroidism and skin problems.
  • Some other sicknesses that might affect these dogs include Von Willebrand’s disease, heart problems, and epilepsy.
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Doberman Poodle Mix

How to Buy a Doberman Poodle Mix?

Buying a Doberman Poodle mix puppy can vary depending on your location. The cost of a puppy alone can be somewhere between $400 and $1000. You have to remember than this is not the only cost when it comes to buying these types of dogs, and the cost can go up with additional requirements like blood tests, vaccinations, neutering, and more. These costs have an average of $400, for all of the services. The most important thing to remember when buying any dog is the responsibility of buying from a responsible breeder than cares for the wellbeing of the animals, and that certifies good quality, healthy puppies.

Doberman and Poodle Facts

The Doberman

Doberman Characteristics: This breed of dog is considerably large. The males have a height of 25 to 28 inches from shoulder to paw, and the females have a height from 24 to 26 inches from shoulder to paw. They have an average weight of 65 to 90 pounds, and they have a high requirement for exercise and space. Their coat is usually short and can come in many colors. The Doberman is very affectionate and sweet dogs that adore their owners and love spending time with people, as long as they are socialized from an early age. They are extremely loyal and kind dogs and they tend to form a long-life bond with their owners.

The Poodle

Poodle Characteristics: The Poodle breed comes in three different sizes that depend on their genetics. The first size is about 15 inches tall from shoulder to paw and has a weight of 45 to 70 pounds, the second is about 10 inches tall from shoulder to paw, and has a weight of about 20, and the last one is less than 10 inches and is about 5 to 7 pounds. They can come in almost any color, but the most recognizable is the black and the white. They are adorable dogs that are lively and very active, and they love spending time with people. They’re extremely intelligent and they very easy to train. They can suffer from separation anxiety, and they have a very strong bond with their owners.