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Corgi Dalmatian Mix: Corgi and Dalmatian Breed

Dog Breed - Corgi and Dalmatian
Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog

Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog

The Corgi Dalmatian mix is a hybrid designer breed that has been getting considerably popular lately, for many reasons. From their unique appearance to their comfortable size and mild temperament, this breed has a lot of people are choosing them as the ones to welcome into their home, as they feel like they fit their lifestyle perfectly. Learning if a breed is the right one for you can be tricky if you don’t have all the information, so understanding all of the different aspects of them is necessary before making any sort of decision.


Corgi Dalmatian Mix Facts

Weight 20 to 30 pounds
Height 10 – 12 inches
Size Small to medium
Coat Single coat
Colour White with black spots
Coat length Short
Coat texture Smooth and silky
Eyes Almond-shaped and brown
Ears Can be floppy, usually standing upright
Temperament Smart, playful, affectionate, great family dogs, excellent watchdogs.
Life expectancy 10 to 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly Yes, for older children
Breed recognition Yes


Dog Breed - Corgi and Dalmatian

Dog Breed – Corgi and Dalmatian

The Corgi Dalmatian Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

There’s been a lot of different conversations when it comes to the advantages of hybrid breeds. Crossbreeding has been controversial among dog enthusiasts and veterinary professionals, as many of them believe that the practice shouldn’t be done while others consider that the practice is a good option to create attractive new breeds, with a lesser chance to develop genetic diseases.

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Corgi Dalmatian Mix

Corgi Dalmatian Mix

5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Corgi Dalmatian Mix

  1. Active and clever: Like many other hybrid breeds (note) the Corgi Dalmatian breed is an extremely energetic dog and they love to spend time with their owners. Since they come from two breeds that are known for their intelligence, it’s guaranteed that this hybrid will be very smart as well and that their adaptation process to the household is rather easy.
  2. They have an outgoing personality: This is a trait inherited entirely from their Dalmatian parentage. The Corgi Dalmatian mix is a very friendly breed of dog and they will love to play around with other people. Even though they need early socialization to be completely comfortable around strangers, once they meet someone they will be quite happy to see them and they will try to involve them in playtime.
  3. Perfect for apartment living: The size of the Corgi Dalmatian mix is one of the most appealing things that this breed has. While their coloring usually favors their Dalmatian side, they have an overwhelming tendency to lean into their Corgi side for their side, which will mean that they’re smaller than your average Dalmatian while still keeping their coloring. Besides their size, this breed is also quite easily accustomed to smaller spaces as long as they have a good exercise routine.
  4. Perfect watchdogs: Most people wouldn’t see a Corgi Dalmatian mix as a great dog at first sight, mostly because of their compact size. However, this breed is extremely protective of their family unit and they’re very smart when it comes to identifying possible threats. They will be willing to try and protect their owners at all costs, but most importantly, they will alert the family if they feel like something is off. Their barking can be quite loud if they want it to be and since they don’t vocalize unless something really calls for it, they’re quite useful as a warning sign for when something is wrong.
  5. They’re easily trained: Both the Dalmatian and the Corgi are known for their intelligence so it’s no surprise that this hybrid is considered an extremely clever breed. However, unlike their Corgi parental breed, they don’t have the stubborn streak that might make their training a little bit harder. They understand commands and listen to instructions quite easily, and they respond splendidly to positive reinforcement training.
Corgi Dalmatian Mix Puppy

Corgi Dalmatian Mix Puppy

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Corgi Dalmatian Mix

  1. They shed a lot: Unfortunately, both the Dalmatian and the Corgi tend to have slightly difficult maintenance routines. The Corgi Dalmatian mix can shed a lot and they can have skin issues if they’re not properly taken care of. Even though their coat is silky smooth, their shedding tendencies can vary throughout the year and be more excessive on certain months.
  2. Not ideal for small children: This isn’t a particularity only applied to the Corgi Dalmatian mix. A lot of hybrid breeds (note) can have a difficult time with small children because of their excited and eager personalities. In this case, this hybrid breed is great with older children, but since they tend to be excited to be around their family, accident nips or bites might happen that could hurt a smaller child.
  3. They require to spend a lot of energy: Even though they’re small in size, the Corgi Dalmatian mix has a high energy spending requirement. This means they will need a good exercise routine and spending time outside to be able to lower their stress levels and better their physical condition. They are usually not satisfied with just playtime at home and they might turn destructive if they don’t get enough stimulation from playing or running. They’re ideal for families with backyards or available to give them enough walks to spend as much energy as possible.
  4. They’re not great with other animals: As decedents of herding dogs, the Corgi Dalmatian mix will try to herd other animals (and even kids!) around the house. This might bother other animals like cats and larger dogs and it can create a tense environment around the house. While this isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker trait, it can be annoying for some owners to have this breed chasing around any other pet around the house. The ideal situation for this breed would be to have other pets around who don’t mind them too much or to have enough early training that this behavior disappears for the most part.
  5. Wary of strangers: The Corgi Dalmatian mix can adapt easily to this issue, as long as they’re socialized early. Since they’re very protective of their family members, sometimes they can be a little bit scared of new people if they haven’t been properly socialized from an early age. They usually lose the distrust the more they meet a person but initially, they might consider them a threat and try to bark at them or even bite them.
Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog Breed

Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog Breed

Body of the Corgi Dalmatian Mix

Guessing the appearance of a mixed breed can sometimes be hard, especially since they can take on characteristics from both or either of their parental breeds. The body of the Corgi Dalmatian mix can be a little bit easier to predict since they have an overwhelming tendency to favor the coloring of the Dalmatian while keeping most of the other characteristics similar to their Corgi parentage.   The Corgi Dalmatian mix tends to be fairly small, standing usually between 10 to 13 inches in height, and an average weight that can go from 15 to 30 pounds, approximately.

When it comes to their appearance, unlike other hybrid breeds (note) the Corgi Dalmatian mix tends to be very specific with their coloring. Usually taking after their Dalmatian parental line, this hybrid tends to have a coat that is white with black spots. The texture of their coat tends to be similar to that of the Dalmatian, so you can expect your dog to have a short and smooth coat. Their muzzle is almost always similar to that of the pug, so it tends to be longer with a pointed nose. When it comes to their ears, they can be floppy or stand upright, with a higher tendency to be up like their Corgi parents. Their eyes are usually dark and they have a docked tail that may or may not be fluffy.

Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog Breed Facts

Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog Breed Facts

Temperament of the Corgi Dalmatian Mix

The Corgi Dalmatian mix has a very nice personality for a family environment. This hybrid breed of dog tends to be very loyal, since both of their parental breeds have this trait as a defining characteristic, and they tend to be very attached to their owners. While they’re very close to their owners, thanks to their Dalmatian heritage they might also be independent and dignified. This means that separation anxiety won’t be as much a big concern like it is with other hybrid breeds (note), even though they still shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.

This mixed breed is very affectionate and friendly which makes them excellent family dogs. Though they’re a bit wary of strangers at first, they can warm up to people rather easily once they get to know them and be very outgoing as well. They have high amounts of energy so walks and playtimes will have to be slightly longer than for your average mix. They need a high amount of mental and physical stimulation and it is important that the scheduling for their training is structured to stop them from developing bad habits.

Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog Facts

Corgi Dalmatian Mix Dog Facts

Feeding the Corgi Dalmatian Mix

When it comes to the nutritional needs of a hybrid breed (note), the conditions have to be specific to each dog and each family. Knowing how to properly feed your Corgi Dalmatian mix will depend entirely on your economic capacity and the amount of exercise they do throughout the day. The Corgi Dalmatian mix usually has a recommended maximum amount of food that they should consume, which is 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dog food, depending on their exercise routine. It’s very important to not overdo your dog’s food intake too much because they can tend to become overweight thanks to their Corgi lineage.

Since they’re very active dogs, their feeding must be done related to their exercise routine especially since they can have a predisposition for bloating or tearing that happens as a result of exercising while full.

Corgi Dalmatian Dog Breed

Corgi Dalmatian Dog Breed

Grooming the Corgi Dalmatian Mix

The Corgi Dalmatian mix has high maintenance requirements and this should be an important condition to have in mind if you plan on taking one home. Even though this breed has short and straight hair, they tend to shed quite a lot more than other hybrid breeds and they will need a higher than normal amount of brushing (three or four times a week) to remove loose hairs or debris. Their shedding happens all year round and they’re not a hypoallergenic breed.  When it comes to their bath routine, they require fewer baths than other dogs because of their sensitive skin, so a bath every two or so months is recommended unless they get too dirty while playing.

When it comes to nails and ear grooming, they require what most dogs usually need. Their nails don’t need to be clipped unless they’re so overgrown that they click against the floor and because they’re active dogs, usually their nails file themselves down with activity. Their ears should be cleaned regularly, usually every 1 or 2 weeks, to avoid any dirtiness that might cause ear infections.

Corgi Dalmatian Dog Breed Mix

Corgi Dalmatian Dog Breed Mix

Health Risks of the Corgi Dalmatian Mix

One of the greatest advantages that all hybrid breeds have is that they don’t have any specific diseases that will affect them per se. However, they might have a chance to inherit some of the genetic diseases that affect their parental lineages. On one hand, the Corgi lineage is known to be high risk to hip dysplasia and spinal issues, as a direct consequence of their short legs. They might develop some issues in their limbs as well. Their Dalmatian side can be a bit more concerning. This pure breed has been known to be prone to dysplasia (hip and legs) and urinary issues like infections and bladder stones.

For all of the above, it is crucial to make it an absolute priority to avoid obesity in the Corgi Dalmatian mix breed, since both of the parental lines are prone to be overweight. Since obesity can make all of their issues worse, it’s important to monitor their food intake and their exercise making because they require a balance of the above to have good health.

How to Buy a Corgi Dalmatian Mix?

The normal range in price for a Corgi Dalmatian puppy can go from $350 to $700. But beforehand, there are some things you have to think about when buying. First, you have to find a reputable breeder and make sure that they have all of the appropriate credentials required to do that profession. Make sure that they have all the documentation necessary and that they bring you the genetic information of the puppy before you buy it. It’s important to ask for a health screening before you buy any breed of dogs. A good breeder will make sure that you have all the information required, and they will help guide you towards the best option possible.

Dog Breed - Corgi and Dalmatian Mix

Dog Breed – Corgi and Dalmatian Mix

Corgi and Dalmatian Facts

The Corgi

Corgi Characteristics: The Corgi is a breed that is usually known because of their personality and their adorable looks. They are great with other pets and children, as long as they have been familiarized with them from an early age. Their size usually goes from 10 to 12 inches tall, and their weight can be from 22 to 28 pounds, which makes them great family dogs.

They are animated and lively that love to be outside and they are very playful. Their herding nature makes them very intelligent and quick, and their small size is used effectively to be able to gain considerable speed. They have a high need for exercise and can be stubborn at times, so early training and socialization is essential to stop the development of any negative behaviors that they might present.

They tend to be anxious dogs if they don’t make enough exercise or if they’re not stimulated enough, so a minimal energy-burning workout is necessary for them. Corgis have a short coat, and the colors can range from red to black to sable, usually with white markings on the legs or stomach.

The Dalmatian

Dalmatian Characteristics: The Dalmatians are a very well-known pure breed of dogs, mostly because of their very distinctive coat. They have an average height of 21 to 23 inches and their weight has an average of 45 to 60 pounds.

They have a very characteristic coat that is short in texture and white with black spots in color. Since their coat is silky and smooth, they don’t tend to shed as much and their grooming needs can be quite minimal. These dogs are very energetic and playful. They’re very good family dogs because they’re loyal to their owners but extremely sensitive with small children.

They’re also very good watchdogs and even though they can be trained to be socialized, they’re generally wary of strangers and other animals. They’re extremely smart and very easy to train, as long as you use positive reinforcement in the form of rewards.