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Boxer Pug Mix: Boxer and Pug Breed

Boxer Pug Mix Dog Breed Facts

Boxer Pug Mix


One designer dog breed that has been getting some buzz lately is the Boxer Pug mix. Sometimes called the “Poxer” or Box-a-Pug, this hybrid dog has been getting very popular recently because of their lively personality that makes for great companion dogs, adorable looks and fun, portable size. This breed takes the best characteristics of both of their parental lines, to make the ideal pet for people who are looking for a dog to take to a forever home.

Before deciding if this breed is the best one for you, learning about the particularities of the breed is highly recommended.

Boxer Pug Mix Dog Breed Information

Boxer Pug Mix Dog Breed Information

Boxer Pug Mix Facts


20 to 26 pounds


15 to 22 inches


Small to medium


Straight and soft


It varies, can be black, fawn, and silver

Coat length


Coat texture

Soft and dense


Almond shape and brown or black


Usually floppy


Affectionate, independent, clever, friendly, and adaptable

Life expectancy

12 to 15 years





Breed recognition




The Boxer Pug Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

People might get the wrong idea when someone mentions the words “designer dog”. A lot of the time, the misconception comes from the idea that a designer dog is one that will be: a) very expensive and b) that they will be a pure breed dog. The concept is quite the opposite. A designer dog is a cross between two purebred dogs that has been made specifically to find a happy medium in between specific characteristics of both breeds. This will allow the hybrid to have a more diverse gene pool as well as having less of a chance to develop a genetic disease. 

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Boxer Pug Mix Facts

Boxer Pug Mix Facts

5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Boxer Pug Mix

  1. They can be independent: One of the main advantages that the Boxer Pug mix has is that that even though they’re very affectionate and sweet dogs, they can also be alone for a longer period of time without stressing too much about it. Most hybrid breeds (note) (and most dogs in general) cannot stand to be left alone, even if it’s for short periods of time. The Boxer Pug mix is independent enough that they’re able to handle some time on their own when their family isn’t home or when they can’t stay close to the family for some reason. 
  2. Respond very well to positive reinforcement: Training your dog is the most important part of any adaptative process. A good training regime will ensure that your dog doesn’t incorporate bad behaviors that could cause you trouble. In the case of the Boxer Pug mix, one of the most positive aspects they have is that they’re very easy to train. They’re extremely smart and they understand commands very quickly. Even when they’re being playful, they’ll listen to their owners completely.
  3. They’re perfect for active people: Unlike other hybrid breeds (note) the Boxer Pug mix has a medium to high energy level. That means they’re great companion dogs that love being outside and love exercising with their owners. They’re also very playful, which is a treat that has been inherited from their Boxer parental line. They’re great for outdoor physical activity and will be happier with an active family. 
  4. Excellent watchdogs: Despite their size, the Boxer Pug mix is an excellent watchdog. This breed is fantastic at alerting their owners if they feel that something is wrong or if they feel somehow threatened and their loyalty is unparalleled. They’ll die trying to protect their owners, and they will stick with you even in hard situations. They also tend to have a high-volume bark, which has been passed on from their Boxer parent. They will bark loud enough to they will let themselves known if they deem it necessary.
  5. They’re the perfect family dogs: The Boxer Pug mix is a lovely family dog because their personality makes them ideal for people with kids. They have a docile, playful, and exciting personality that adjust perfectly to older kids who want to play with their dog. They’re also very gentle and kind, which also makes them great for smaller children. They will bond very strongly with their family and especially with the kids, so they will try to protect them under every circumstance. They also get along perfectly with other animals, so they adapt easily to family life. 
Boxer Pug Mix Information

Boxer Pug Mix Information

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Boxer Pug Mix

  1. Separation Anxiety: Even though they are independent dogs, it is not recommended to leave the Boxer Pug mix alone for long periods of time. Their separation anxiety can grow considerably if they are left alone and it can cause them to develop bad behaviors like biting things or barking for long periods of time. Even if you are not with the Boxer Pug mix 100% of the time, it is recommended to at least have a person in the house most of the time, so the dog can feel safe and less lonely. 
  2. High Energy Requirements: The Boxer Pug mix has a higher energy requirement than other breeds, even those with similar parental lineages (note). This breed is extremely active, they love to play outside and do a lot of activities with their owner. If these requirements are not met, the Boxer Pug mix might develop anxiety-like behaviors and it might cause them to gain more weight than they should. Since they are prone to obesity thanks to their Pug lineage, this should be avoided. If you’re not a person who likes exercise and the outdoors, this mixed breed might not be the ideal one for you.
  3. Not great for apartment living: Even though the Boxer Pug mix is a medium to small dog, their high energy and playful personality don’t make them ideal for apartment living. They might feel trapped in enclosed spaces and it might cause them anxiety and stress. If they do live in an apartment, they might require 2 or more walks a day to be able to burn down all of their excessive energy. And even then, they might feel stressed by the little space and develop behaviors like pacing or excessive barking.
  4. They can be overeaters: An unfortunate trait that has been passed on to the Boxer Pug mix from their Boxer lineage is that they do tend to be overeaters. This is an issue that can be sorted by implementing strict feeding habits and times for the dog. It can get bad in situations in which they might get treats, like positive reinforcement moments of their training so having an appropriate response is essential.
  5. May inherit a stubborn streak: The Pug is known for their great personality but also for their slightly stubborn streak. The Boxer Pug mix can get some of that streak as well. It means that they can give their owners a little grief when it comes to obeying commands. And even if they understand them, they might not want to obey. This trait is particularly present in situations that involve food or during playtime. However, as long as they get a good training and socialization process as puppies, they’ll be less likely to show their stubbornness.

Body of the Boxer Pug Mix

Defining the specific characteristics of mixed breeds can be tricky, especially when they’re the result of the mix of two pure breeds. In this case, the Boxer Pug mix is a breed that can take traits from their Pug lineage as well as their Boxer lineage. But regardless of where the scale leans, the results of this hybrid are usually very aesthetically pleasing. The Boxer Pug mix can have a muzzle that is a mix of both of their parental lines. It can be not as short as the one of the Pug, but not as long as the Boxer. However, they do usually have some of the wrinkles that are characteristic of the Pug. Their tail usually takes after the Pug, as well, short and curled to the dog’s body.

The weight of the Boxer Pug mix can vary, but the ranges go from 20 to 26 pounds. While their height can go from 15 to 22 inches. Their coat is usually short, straight, and soft, and they have the bonus of not shedding as much as neither of their parental lines. The colors of their coat can come in different shades, such as black, fawn, and silver.  Their ears are usually floppy, and their eyes are almond-shaped and brown or black.

Boxer Pug Mix Puppy

Boxer Pug Mix Puppy

Temperament of the Boxer Pug Mix

The temperament of the Boxer Pug mix is one of their biggest assets. This breed is extremely affectionate, lively, and playful. Even though they like to run around and are full of energy, they’re also very calm. This balance allows them to be excellent family dogs and to get along great with children of all ages. They’re very gentle as well so you don’t have to worry about them being around younger children. This hybrid is also very loyal to their owners, and they’re very protective of them as well. They are fantastic watchdogs, as they’re very smart and alert dogs, and will be loud when they feel like they need to call the attention of their owners.

The Boxer Pug breed also loves nature and the outdoors, and they’re the ideal dog for people who love spending time outside. They’re very friendly to both humans and other animals, and they adapt extremely easily to living with other pets. Even though they’re very bonded with their owners, this hybrid is also quite independent. Unlike other hybrid breeds (note), They can spend some time on their own without creating stress or anxiety issues for them. However, they do have a pack mentality and will see the family as their pack, and as such, might not do too well with extended alone time. This breed is also very intelligent and clever, and they understand and listen to commands very easily. They have a bit of a stubborn strike, that comes from their Pug lineage, but nothing that cannot be handled with a strong (but gentle) hand.

Boxer Pug Mix Brown

Boxer Pug Mix Brown

Feeding the Boxer Pug Mix

The feeding needs of the Boxer Pug mix do not vary too much from other hybrid breeds (note). This breed’s requirements have to meet with more accuracy, however, as they should be fed with food that is higher in protein and lower in carbs, as it can cause an overdrive of energy and excess fat. This might create an issue with overweight and obesity, which is a genetic problem inherited by them from their Pug parent.

The common recommendation for this breed is to have them eat 2 or 3 times a day, that way their food anxiety can be controlled and monitored. The best course of action with them though is to consult your veterinarian to identify what food works best for this breed and your dog specifically.

Grooming the Boxer Pug Mix

When it comes to their maintenance, the Boxer Pug mix doesn’t have high requirements. They, like many other hybrid breeds, need their coat to be brushed to be able to maintain it clean and dandruff free. The recommended amount of brushes per week depends on the dog, but it can usually be 2 or 3 times. Unlike their Pug parent line, the Boxer Pug mix does not tend to shed as much and they usually have very healthy-looking hair.

If your hybrid takes after their Pug parent and has wrinkles around their face or body, it is extremely important to keep them fresh, clean, and dry. Those folds, if not properly taken care of, can create a lot of skin issues relating to bacteria and fungi. When it comes to the grooming of their ears or teeth, they require regular cleaning as well. The most common recommendation for their nail grooming is that when their nails start clicking on the ground, then it’s probably time to trim them.


Health Risks of the Boxer Pug Mix

Fortunately, thanks to their hybrid vigor, the Boxer Pug mix doesn’t have as many health issues as their pure parental lines. However, sadly, they can inherit some rather serious issues if presented. From their Pug line, they can obtain the Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, which is a complicated compilation of breathing issues, that stem from the formation of their skull and the shape of their face. If they’re lucky and have a longer muzzle like their Boxer line, then some of the effects of this syndrome might be mitigated.

As for their Boxer family line, they don’t have as many issues to worry about, except for a very particular and upsetting one: Cancer. Boxers are quite predisposed to develop cancer throughout their lives, and the hybrid dog might have a chance to develop it as well. However, as with many other health issues, what’s recommended is to avoid situations that might help the development of the disease and on the contrary make sure that the dogs live as much a healthy life as they can.

How to Buy a Boxer Pug Mix?

The most important part of purchasing a dog of any kind is to make sure that the breeder is managing their business with the wellbeing of the dogs in mind. There’s a checklist that you can go through when buying a hybrid dog, that’ll help you, the dog, and the breeder, have the best of a situation possible. The first tip is to find a reputable breeder and make sure that they have all of the appropriate credentials required to do that profession. Remember to make sure that they conduct their business with ethical practices, including keeping the dogs in the best condition that they can be. Third, you must demand that the breeder provide you with a health screening before you buy the dogs, not only for the puppy but for the parents as well.

As for the price, the Boxer Pug mix has a cost ranging from $300 to $500, depending on the place in which you are purchasing your dog. Remember that a good breeder will prove you with a certificate of authenticity.

Boxer Pug Mix Dog Breed

Boxer Pug Mix Dog Breed

Boxer and Pug Facts

The Boxer

Boxer Characteristics: Boxers are intelligent and playful dogs, that love spending time outside and exercise. They are fiercely loyal and will protect their owners at all costs, but they’re also very charming and affectionate. Their size tends to be around 21 to 25 inches and their weight can be from 50 to 65 pounds. Boxers have very characteristic looks. They have a square head, an undershot jaw, and a blunt muzzle. They also have folded ears and a coat that is short and straight. They come in different colors, but their face is usually black, sometimes with white markings.

The Pug

Pug Characteristics: The Pug has a laid-back attitude, and is generally known for their affectionate nature. If socialized early, they get along great with people and other dogs, and they make excellent companion dogs. Physically, their height ranges from 10 to 12 inches and their weight goes from 15 to 18 pounds. Because of their round head and shortened muzzles, they sometimes can suffer from breathing issues, relating to Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome. They do not do well in humid or hot spaces and are not too tolerant of high amounts of exercise. Their coat is short but dense, and they come in an array of different colors.