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Beagle Pointer Mix: Beagle and Pointer Breed

Beagle Pointer Mix

Beagle Pointer Mix

The Beagle Pointer mix is a hybrid breed that involves a cross between a Beagle and a Pointer. Even though it’s quite a modern hybrid, it has been recognized by different organizations and it has been slowly becoming very popular with dog enthusiasts. This breed is a spirited and clever dog, that loves being around their family and that love high amounts of activity. Ideal for people who want an active yet medium-sized dog, the Beagle Pointer mix is perfect for families who love outdoor activities and who are willing to commit to long playtime sessions.

Learning about this breed before considering adoption or purchase is essential, especially if you’re looking for a specific kind of dog that adjusts perfectly to your lifestyle.

Beagle Pointer Mix Facts

Weight 50 to 60 pounds
Height 16 to 20 inches
Size Medium
Coat Short and straight
Colour It varies, from red, black, and white, and it can also be tri-colored
Coat length Short
Coat texture Coarse and water resistant
Eyes Large and brown
Ears Floppy and long
Temperament Sweet, affectionate, loyal, courageous, a great family dog
Life expectancy 12 to 16 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly Yes
Breed recognition Yes


The Beagle Pointer Mix is a Hybrid Dog Breed

When looking to acquire a dog, many people don’t realize that pure breeds are not necessarily the best choice for them, even though they’re usually the most common option. Many families have special needs that can only be met with a very special kind of dog. For those people there’s the hybrid dogs. Hybrid breeds can accomplish a lot of things that purebreds can’t, mostly because of their variable gene pool and stronger disposition. Plus, these types of dogs usually inherit the best characteristics from their pure breed parents, making them better in a lot of ways.

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Beagle Pointer Mix Facts

Beagle Pointer Mix Facts

5 Reasons Why you Should Get a Beagle Pointer Mix

  1. A lot of personality: Most hybrid breeds will most likely have a combination of both of their parental lines’ personalities, usually leaning towards one or the other and finding the perfect balance. The Beagle Pointer mix has the advantage that both of their parent breeds have very similar personalities, which means that the hybrid predicting the hybrid’s characteristics is a lot easier. Therefore, this breed is energetic, fun and sweet. They have a lot of character and they will sometimes go between extremely energetic or extremely lazy depending on their mood and the weather.
  2. Adaptable to apartment living: Because of their medium size, the Beagle Pointer mix is quite easily adaptable to all kinds of spaces. They can learn to live in a big house or a small apartment without issue, as long as they’re not left alone and they get enough exercise that they don’t get bored.
  3. Energetic and fun: The Beagle Pointer mix is a sweet and loyal dog, but their most noticeable character trait is that they’re very active and very social. They love to be around people and they enjoy exercise and playtime. This breed is ideal for families who love spending time outside and who love doing various activities during the day.
  4. Very kid-friendly: This breed is great for families with children, though not necessarily small children. Since the Beagle Pointer mix is a medium size dog who likes to play and being social, their connection to children cannot be denied. They love playing with the kids and since they’re very even-tempered, there are no major concerns for accidental nips or bites. However, they can sometimes get overexcited with their playtime which can cause issues with smaller kids who might not have the strength to control them yet, so it’s better if the younger children always monitored by adults when interacting with this hybrid.
  5. Courageous and brave: Don’t be fooled by this breed’s size, they would be willing to fight to defend their owner and those who they consider family. The Beagle Pointer mix forms strong bonds with their family and they’re extremely loyal to them. As such, they make excellent watchdogs and will look out for possible threats, barking loudly and alerting those around him if they think that something is out of place. They’re also extremely strong and will fight possible threats if it means protecting those they love.
Brown and White Beagle Pointer Mix

Brown and White Beagle Pointer Mix

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Beagle Pointer Mix

  1. They might be aggressive towards smaller animals: Both the Beagle and the Pointer are hunter breeds, which means their breed with most certainly inherit those instincts as well. The Beagle Pointer mix might develop the habit to chase around smaller animals like cats, rabbits or birds around, and they might even try to hurt them. Early socialization might solve this problem, though, as long and it’s done with the proper care and discipline.
  2. Stubborn streak: The Beagle is known for being notoriously stubborn, and the Beagle Pointer mix has some of that trait in spades. They will try to not listen to their owner and to go rogue when you’re walking them outside. It’s important to note that these behaviors are easily corrected with the right amount of training and early socialization, but that this breed might need a strong hand and someone very disciplined at the beginning of their life so they can appropriately learn to listen to their owners.
  3. They have a tendency to bark: Like most of the small to medium hybrid breeds (note), the Beagle Pointer mix will have a higher chance to bark at unknown or unwanted situations. This can make apartment living difficult because unless they’ve been used to being around people or animals all the time, they might see a lot of things ass threats and try to warn their owners by barking considerably, which could be bothersome for the people in the house and the neighbors.
  4. Require early socialization: As mentioned before, the Beagle Pointer mix has a great influence on the hunting instincts both of their parental lines have. This can mean that this hybrid can develop some distrust around strangers and other animals and that they might become wary and aggressive towards them. That’s why they need to have extensive early socialization so that they can get used to other people and especially other pets, to avoid the beginning of any possible issue that they might have with other species.
  5. Crate training is absolutely necessary: Because they’re a hybrid that involves the Beagle breed, the crate training for the Beagle Pointer mix is absolutely necessary to avoid possible property damage and especially, to train your dog the limits and bounds of the household. This hybrid is very intelligent and will understand commands and learn their training remarkably easy. But because of the aforementioned stubborn streak, it can be better for them to have limits within the house, to avoid the havoc that can ensue thanks to a bored Beagle Pointer. Crate training is also a great tool to get your dog accustomed to being separated from you for a short period of time, without necessarily leaving them completely alone.
Black and White Beagle Pointer Mix

Black and White Beagle Pointer Mix

Body of the Beagle Pointer Mix

Like most hybrid breeds the appearance of the Beagle Pointer mix can be vastly different from littler to littler, having some dogs that will look closer to the Beagle or closer to the Pointer, but the most likely outcome is that they will look like a nice combination of the two.

Overall, the Beagle Pointer mix is a medium-sized dog. Their height can go from 16 to 20 inches and their weight can be in a range between 50 to 60 pounds. Their body looks athletic and lean, which is a character from both breeds and while their legs are usually long, they also tend to be thick like their Beagle parent.

When it comes to their coat, it tends to be short, straight, and coarse. One particularity that’s different from other hybrids (note) is that the coat of the Beagle Pointer mix tends to be water resistant. They can come in a variety of colors like red, black, and white, and they can also inherit their Beagle coloring and be tri-colored. Their muzzle tends to be long and pointed and their eyes are brown and large. This hybrid also has floppy, long ears.

Beagle Pointer Mix in Sun

Beagle Pointer Mix in Sun

Temperament of the Beagle Pointer Mix

The Beagle Pointer mix is a playful and charming dog, that makes an excellent family companion. Unlike most hybrid breeds of this size (note), this breed is highly energetic and they love spending time outside. They’re very loyal dogs and are extremely happy to spend time with their owners. They have a very even temper and don’t get mad or aggressive easily. They love to be the center of attention and they are always friendly with other people, especially older children. They don’t do too well with smaller children because they might accidently hurt them while playing. They don’t do too well at being alone and will suffer from separation anxiety if they spend too much time on their own.

The Beagle is known to have a stubborn streak, so it’s key that their training starts early to make sure that they don’t adopt bad behaviors that might affect their wellbeing or the wellbeing of their owners. They’re an extremely loyal breed and they’re also very courageous and brave. The Beagle Pointer breed is known for barking very loud at any possible threat they might encounter so that also makes them excellent watchdogs.

Feeding the Beagle Pointer Mix

The nutritional needs of the Beagle Pointer mix can vary greatly depending on different situations, but like with every other hybrid breed, it is very important to have the appropriate knowledge about how to feed your dog. This means finding the best food within your price range that can supplement your dog with the right amount of nutrients that they need to be healthy. It is very important to regulate the feeding of your breed mix to avoid health issues like obesity, that is very prominent in their Beagle lineage.

The Beagle Pointer mix usually has a recommended maximum amount of food that they should consume, which goes from 1.5 to 3 cups of high-quality dog food, depending on their exercise routine. Since they’re very active dogs, their feeding must be done related to said routine to avoid any possible bloating or tearing that could be caused by doing exercise while full.

Grooming the Beagle Pointer Mix

The Beagle Pointer mix is a wonderful dog for families that are looking for a pet that has low to medium grooming requirements. This breed has short and straight hair which allows them to be low maintenance when it comes to their grooming. Their shedding is average and will need a normal amount of brushing maybe two or three times a week, to remove loose hairs or debris. They’re not hypoallergenic and they don’t need anything more than baths every month or so, to avoid any possible damage to their skin.

When it comes to nails and ear grooming, they require what that most dogs usually need. Their nails don’t need to be clipped unless they’re so overgrown that they click against the floor. Since they’re active dogs, usually their nails file themselves down with activity as well. Their ears should be cleaned regularly, usually every 1 or 2 weeks, to avoid any dirtiness that might cause ear infections. This breed needs regular teeth cleaning to stop any possible oral health issues.

Health Risks of the Beagle Pointer Mix

One of the biggest advantages hybrid breeds have is that they don’t have any specific diseases that will affect them directly. However, they might have a chance to inherit some of the genetic diseases that affect their parental lineages. The biggest issues that the Beagle Pointer mix can have are the following: Hip Dysplasia, Bowel Torsion, and Eye Disorders. These issues are the hardest ones to control because they’re not easy to predict or prevent. Most veterinary professionals will recommend a healthy diet and exercise to avoid these health difficulties, but if they present themselves, your dog might need surgery.

Other issues that the Beagle Pointer mix might have are Thyroid disorders, Epilepsy and Dislocated limbs. Even though these issues can affect the wellbeing of your dog, they’re not mortal and they can be controlled and monitored by your veterinary professional of choice.


How to Buy a Beagle Pointer Mix?

Buying a hybrid breed of dog can sometimes be tricky, because their standards of authenticity are different than those of a pure breed. There are a few things you need to do before purchasing a hybrid dog: always buy from a reputable breeder and make sure that they always have ethical practices, especially focusing on the well-being of the animals rather than the economic benefits of them. Be sure that they sell you a healthy and well-kept puppy. It’s important to ask for a health screening before you buy any type of dogs. A good breeder will provide you these documents without issue, and they will make you feel safe with the results.

When it comes to the price of the Beagle Pointer mix, they will have a range of price that can go from $500 to $1000. The price ranges can change depending on the location and the reputation of your breeder.

Beagle and Pointer Facts

The Beagle

Beagle Characteristics: This medium size breed has a height range of 13 to 15 inches and a weight of 18 to 20 pounds. They’re an adorable breed that usually has a muscular build. Their muzzle is on the square side and they usually have a large, brown nose. The Beagles have a coat that can come in a variety of color, from black, tan and white and they’re usually tri-colored. The texture of their coat is usually smooth and dense. This breed is an excellent family dog, as they’re great with kids and other pets. They’re cheerful, affectionate, active and curious and they love having an active lifestyle. They don’t like to be alone and their separation anxiety usually presents itself with a destructive nature.

The Pointer

Pointer Characteristics: This breed is medium sized and they have a height range of 22 to 28 inches and a weight of 45 to 75 pounds. Their muzzle is a little bit squared and usually long. Their ears are very characteristic as they hang on their head. Pointers have a coat that is short and smooth. And they can come in specific colors like black, tan and white. The texture of their coat is usually smooth and straight. This breed is more independent than most breed, and they love to spend high amounts of times making exercise. They’re usually extremely active and stubborn, so their training might be difficult. They’re not necessarily good with children if they’re not socialized from an early age, but they are very good with other pets. They’re not ideal for apartment living because of their active lifestyle, that might make them stressed to be in a locked in space.